OT-Lindsay Lohan-INFERNO

Submitted by HAIL 2 VICTORS on June 24th, 2010 at 5:40 PM

Perhaps the only other person on the planet the role of Linda Lovelace might be more harmful to portray then Lindsay Lohan would be Brittney Spears.  From Parent Trap and Mean Girls to INFERNO-Seriously?  The script calls for multiple scenes of abusive and degrading sex including sex with a dog (that is not Samantha Ronson). 

I have no words to describe the train wreck that this will soon become if this movie is ever released.  Although I lack sympathy for the spectacle that Lohan's Mother has made of her family, parading Lindsay's younger Sister and Brother through the Dreg's of reality TV, it will be impossible to distance the siblings from the likes of this.