OT: Les Miles will get a $5,880,000 salary raise if LSU wins BCS NC game

Submitted by m1817 on January 6th, 2012 at 8:44 AM

Les Miles will get a $980,000 bump in annual salary ($5,880,000 total over the remaining six years of his contract), if LSU beats Alabama in the BCS NC game.


Miles has a clause in his contract that stipulates if his team wins a National Championship, LSU would pay him $1,000 more than the highest paid SEC coach.

Nick Saban is scheduled to make $4.73 million in 2012. Miles, who is still at $3,751,000, would then have to make $4,731,000. That's a boost of $980,000 a year for the remaining six years of his contract.



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And that's assuming that Saban and other SEC Contracts stay static within the next 6 years. Which they are unlikely to do. Quite an impressive contract clause there.


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What if Alabama has a clause to make Saban the highest paid coach every year?

Saban + $1,000 = Miles, then Miles + $1 Sabans - the it repeats until they have all the money in the world.

Two Hearted Ale

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I went to the Florida-LSU game last year with my wife's cousin who went to LSU.  At that time I asked him if he would trade Les Miles for Rich Rodriguez straight up.  He said he would do it without a doubt.  This was a week after the clock fiasco at Tennessee but still...

On another note, when I told him I was glad Michigan generally stayed away from "low character" kids he genuinely wondered why.  He said anyone who could help his team win was welcome.  That was the first time I really understood what SEC football was all about.

Jinkin Mongol

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That's funny, if i successfully manage the dam removal project i am working on my contract says i will be compensated as the highest paid fisheries biologist in northern Michigan. 


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1. Seems like coaches salaries are up $1M every year or two.  With the talk of Harbaugh getting over $5M and then Urban actually did, the Les Miles will get close to $6M...WHEN DOES IT END?????

2.  There are A LOT of LSU fans here in Alabama (many displaced by Katrina that never went back) and it is hilarious to hear the talk about Saban/Miles.  They are completely obsessed with Saban and have a bitter taste in their mouth like Alabama stole him or something - forgetting he was in Miami before going to Bama. 

Most of them are OK with Miles, but they are obsessed with Saban.  Its like they would turn on Miles the second he has a 'bad' season (like 9 wins), forgetting he has averaged 11-12 wins a year since he's been there.

EDIT: Miles is 75-17 at LSU, giving him 10.7 wins per season...doesn't include one more game this season obviously.


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It was my understanding that Urban Meyer's new contract makes him the highest paid college coach.

And if they go off salaries this year, I think Mack Brown was making 5.25M/yr while at Texas.


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to pay for the head coaches' salaries down there. Within ten years, half of Louisiana and most of Alabama will be owned by Kuwaiti princes, Warren Buffet, and Oprah.

Section 1

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Hoke gets a $2M bonus just for lasting until Year 4 of his contract.  And a $3M bonus by lasting to 2016.  ("Stay bonus;" $500k per contract year.)

As far as I am aware, Hoke gets additional bonus money for a B1G championship, but nothing extra for a MNC.  I suppose that in the case of a MNC, Dave Brandon gives him an all-new contract where Brady gets to pick the numbers.