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Treating the double n as one m, we get:


Hang on folks, we're about to find out who killed Kennedy.



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Yeah, the whole gay thing is conjecture, but it's better than being dumb enough to get duped for 4 years or being a con man.  Gay is the only way he comes out without being scum or the laughing stock.  

My other fear is that given the other actor in here was a pastor, this whole thing was some weird pray away the gay thing that got really weird and out of control.  

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Has the situation deteriorated so badly that, in light of all the other possible explanations, he actually ends up pretending to BE gay because it's the only way that he DOESN'T take a worse hit as far as P.R. goes?

He becomes the Jack Tripper of the NFL ("Three's Company" reference, for anyone born after say, 1975).


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I just got an email ad from Spirit Airlines with the title "No Hoax Here...We Are Catfish Approved".  


The NYT references DeadSpin.  ND has a press conference.   The fake girl is putting out a press release.  

And the Mad Men assume everybody is in on the joke...

This is the most amazing media blow up ever.  


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the MSM outlets who regurgitated the lies over the past year will STFU while Deadspin continues their investigation. The fact that CBS This Morning posted a woman's picture without her consent or knowledge is horrifying. Could happen to any of us when such weak journalistic ethics are present. Scary. I feel sorry for her. Te'o looks very bad in this still evolving story.


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If he is gay, I wonder if the Fake Girlfriend tried to blackmail him for it. 

"Hey!  I will totally help you cover being gay!"


"Hey!  I hear you are about to make millions of dollars!  Still interested in nobody knowing you are gay?"


Sucks to be Manti.  If gay, just be up front about it man.  People will respect that.  And F those that don't.