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Treating the double n as one m, we get:


Hang on folks, we're about to find out who killed Kennedy.



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Ok something I just thought of....

I was thinking Te'o was in on it.  

BUT...  If he was, why would he even go to Swarbrick about the phone call?  Swarbrick didn't call Te'o in, Te'o approached him.  

At that point the hoax had been a success....  If Te'o was in on it, what's the play, by going to Swarbrick at that point?  If Te'o was in on it, he had absolutely nothing to gain by going to Swarbrick....

Unless... Either Te'o caught wind of the Deadpsin story developing (I don't know how) and went to Swarbrick as pre-emptive cover, or, Swarbrick caught wind of the deadspin story and called Te'o in and changed the narrative in the press conference saying that Te'o came to him.

One thing I do know is either way, Te'o comes out of this looking awful.  He is either immensely,  immensely naive, or a manipulator of sociopathic proportions.  And if there was a cover-up and he was in on it, who else knew?  His family?  Kelly?  Swarbrick?  If any/all of them caught wind of what was going on, they certainly have motive to participate in a cover up.

This whole thing is just so mind-blowing.  So much to think about and I'm a sucker for a good mystery.

In any case, there's a special edition of Catfish in Te'o's future, since he either got Catfished or IS a Catfish.


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I'm guessing that Teo and his friend made the girlfriend up to appease his family for some reason, and as the family started asking questions, they developed more and more elaborate ruses to satisfy the parents' inquiries, the whole thing started spinning out of control, so they made the dumb move of having her die, in an attempt to get out of the lie without consequences, but someone in the family talked to reporters about the relationship and death, making the whole thing public.  An elaborate lie to appease a nosy parent that spun out of control makes a lot more sense than almost anything else.  But of course if that is true, he's lying through his teeth right now and ND is covering its ass by not really investigating and just being happy with a Teo lie because its the most convenient for them.

Blue in Yarmouth

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for me this just isn't that big a deal...At worst the kud lied and at best he got duped. L just don't see the big deal, nor do I see why people on this site are getting so outraged by it. if he was a UM player I may be more concerned, but to me, either scenario just doesn't get me too upset. The fact is some people choose to lie for reasons that rarelymake any sense to me. Also, lots of people who I would bet are far smarter than Manti T'eo have fallen victim to internet scams of one form or other. Both of these seem at least possible and neither one fills me with any outrage whatsoever. If it wad a UM player I'd feel bad for them but as it isn't...I'm pretty ambivalent about the whole situation.


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I don't see how people can dismiss such extravagant as not a big deal, especially when the only apparent motive for lying is personal gain.  That's a major character flaw.  If I was an NFL owner, I'd make damn sure Te'o wasn't in my team's locker room.

Tony Soprano

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Two years and you haven't met?  Either she's really a man or some obese woman pretending to be a model.  How do you "date" someone for 2 years, but never meet???

If you have gone two years without seeing this "amazing" model in person, I have to believe that you're one ugly dude who is desparate to have someone "beautiful", even if you never actually get to see her in person to touch her, hug her, kiss her..

Something really fishy about that. 

Jehu the Damaja

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According to Deadspin they MET at a Stanford football game. He even said in an interview on ESPN recently that she was "the most beautiful person I'd ever met." This dude is so full of shit I can't even believe he's trying to deny this.

A new theory I'm hearing is that he and Tuiasisopo (sp?) were gay together, which I can honestly see being the case. But I really think it started as a little white lie and escalated into something he couldn't control, so he decided to just keep going with it because he wanted some Heisman pub. Te'o is now my absolute least favorite player and I hope that jackass goes undrafted (un-possible, but I can dream). He's still gonna lose a shit ton of money either way.


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two dollars and thirty cents, or hope for his sake that that's the case. I'd say it's all pretty entertaining and no one got killed, or at least we think so. 

EDIT: Actually, if the subtext is that he's gay and made the whole thing up as some kind of elaborate dodge then. . . tragic; I take back my comment. Hope if that is the case and no one has really suffered everyone can move on quickly. The kid is going to carry this one for the rest of his life. 

San Diego Mick

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I thought someone misspelled "Lanai", this fictitious girl friend coulda been called "veranda", sounds like a womans name as well.

The whole thing seems lame and creepy/stalky and why did Manti go on about it in interviews, makes him seem pretty dumb or dishonest, neither one is a good trait.


January 17th, 2013 at 10:18 AM ^

He's the supposed leader of a National Championship contending football team. When you think of leaders, you don't think: lonely, socially awkward and immature. He soaked up and played the media on this story over and over (he sure wasn't awkward then). He may have been pushed to do so, but that doesn't matter. The "kid" isn't 12--he's an adult who made the decision to either "make up a fake girlfriend's death from leukemia and play the hero in the face of cancer card" or at the very least "let an online relationship escalate in the media to this love story full of embellishments." He could have stopped this many times. He chose not to for either personal gain or due to very poor decision making. It's hard to have a lot of sympathy for him.


January 17th, 2013 at 7:22 AM ^

I have no idea why, but I cannot stop reading about this story. When I got up this morning the first thing I did was hop on the Internet to see f there was some explanation. It is just insane.


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I just can't make any sense out of this bizarre story. Manti's press conference should be interesting, but I really want to know more about the "Lennay Kekau" that some current NFL players are also claiming to have met through their charity involvement. This is all just too weird for me.


January 17th, 2013 at 8:14 AM ^

I was listening to Steve Czaban on my way into work this morning and he was openly speculating that Manti is a homosexual and created the entire thing as a cover since he's at a Catholic university and that's when I realized this was going to get massively ugly quickly.