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He is the best of this generation... arguably of all time.   What he has done in these playoffs, with this supporting cast, is worthy of great sports adulation.  Watching him decimate the 1 seed has been very gratifying after his 7 game struggle with the Pacers.  He is a living bball legend.  


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but he is in the conversation now. He's done things MJ never did--the 7 straight Finals, taking that bad supporting cast in 2007 to the Finals (MJ never won a thing until Pippen arrived).

It'll be an interesting debate when his career ends. I think MJ is the better scorer and more consistent defender, but LBJ is the more versatile player (better passer and rebounder as well as his ability to score).


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"MJ was ruthless and cerebral. Something Lebron never has really been."

Do you remember the 2016 Finals? Overcoming the 1-3 deficit against GSW? LeBron became the first ever in a playoff series to lead in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. He was ruthless, cerebral, and everything else you could want in a basketball player.

Maize and Blue…

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that's why he stays there.  The competition they played against is totally different as is the game.  Think of the teams MJ went up against in the East and name one current team that would advance past the first round.

Funny thing is players have to give up their game to play with him.  Bosh and Love went from superstars to minor role players.  Kyrie couldn't stand playing with him so he left.

LV Sports Bettor

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and there's no debate about it either. Only one's saying otherwise are those folks who live in the 'players were better back in my day' mindset which is simply not true in any popluar sport out there.

Guys today are bigger, stronger, faster so most importantly he's doing it also against better players as well which makes what's he's doing even more impressive. Think that's a factor most don't place enough stock into is you're not going to look as good when the competition is better which is clearly the case based all factors.

For some odd reason though the NBA is the one sport where folks still want to talk about the good old days being better when it's not the case just based on numbers alone. No one in there right mind would ever say this about the MLB, NFL etc....

The NBA also pulls from a HUGE population pool thats WAY more global these days (30% from outside the U.S) combined with kids coming up are now playing AAU type all-star games at way higher rate than they ever did before meaning the overall player is so much better than was back 30 years ago. Add in the advancements in training, nutrition and technology and the players nowadays like in all popular career fields are way better . 


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You must have hated the Ed Warriner hire. And Gary Moeller. And even Bo. Etc. Etc.

I think Michigan’s football decline the past 15 plus years can be tied directly, in part, to not recruiting the state of Ohio well (at least not as well as Dantonio and Franklin and definitely not as well as did Carr, Moeller and Schembechler).

Lebron is best of today and top 5 all time.


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I always find it humorous when people from our fan base refer to people from Ohio as truck drivers.  As a proud Michigan alum, I wonder if this is our response to their "walmart wolverine" attacks?  I mean, lets be honest, having grown up in Michigan, there are probably more truckers per capita in the mitten...esp. with the huge nascar following in this state.  There's absolutley nothing wrong with that, either. My wife and I made the decision to relocate to Ohio after graduating and we couldn't be happier with our decision.  We live in a thriving, diverse community that happens to have the number one public school system in the country.  The bottom line is, Michigan's public schools suck and this is the main reason we chose to call the Buckeye state home.  I bleed blue, but I'm not blind to the fact that Michigan is struggling in many areas.   Outside of maybe Grand Rapids, are there any cities in Michigan that aren't losing population?


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He's an Ohio State fan because it doesn't hurt him not to be at this point.  I see it more as a political move.

In 2007 he sat in Jacob's Field during a playoff series with New York wearing a Yankees hat.  Then during the 2016 MLB playoffs he's decked out in Tribe gear.

If the 1 year rule was in play, I would have bet more money on him playing at Akron with his best friends Dru Joyce/Romeo Travis than Ohio State.


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He’s passed Jabari and has his sights on th #1 spot which is still MJ to me, but Lebron still is in his prime, he could play 7 more years. I think he’ll go down as the GoAT.


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Yeah, as long as he is dancing and “recruiting” on the Ohio State sidelines during big games, he is an enemy of the state. As an impartial observer however, yeah, he makes the incredible plays look effortless.


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I don't really think he has much effect as a recruiter.  He didn't go there, he's just a (very famous) fan.  We have famous fans as well, and they have very little effect on recruiting.  In the end, players go where they think they can achieve their goal-- which in most cases is making it to the NFL.  We have had little problem recruiting defense even during most of the last mediocre decade-- our defenses were well-coached and players had the chance to make it to the next level.  Having a good season on offense will give us a chance to begin recruiting an elite offense.  Success begets success.



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There's way too much horse-race stuff regarding Lebron vs MJ right now. Let him play out his career and enjoy it.

And we should enjoy it, because the guy is amazing. Even if you don't want him to win.

kevin holt

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Their team just seems tense all the time. They don't look like they even know each other very well let alone like each other. It's a stupid observation but it really stood out to me.


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Well this is like the third version of the Cavs this year and they just got Thompson back again. They finally have a game plan that works. Spread the floor with your shooters and let Lebron do what he wants. He can get to the rim at will until he plays the warriors and if he feels like dishing he has the second best shooting squad in the league.


May 6th, 2018 at 1:22 AM ^

It was a good shot. Now do it in the NBA Finals not the first or second round.

Lebron is a beast but everyone plays the victim card with him like come on your team has the highest payroll with you as pseudo GM. Lebron is prob 2nd best ever but MJ is still #1 in my book for now.


May 6th, 2018 at 11:10 PM ^

You can find fault with the construction of these Cavs teams (and particularly where it has left them now), but over the last several years, the roster was good enough that but for having to face possibly the greatest three-to-four year run for a team ever (the Warriors) the Cavs would be three-peat Champs working on a fourth this year.


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Check out the Larry Bird mixtape on youtube. But yeah, what we are witnessing in hoops right now is going to be talked about as legend. Lebron is writing his story. Amazing player. Maybe the GOAT, dont like him because of the buckeye stuff, but his greatness is undeniable.


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Yeah, he was all state for football as a sophomore (wide receiver, but back when he was relatively skinny). If there was anyone capable of entering the nfl as a 33 yo rookie it would be him lol. He has said he wants to stay in the nba and play with his son so that would be his wacky brag for the record books I guess.