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...including going to class.


"For the app to be fully utilized, all of the students and the professor would need either an iPad or a laptop loaded with the software as they sit in the classroom."

“If we have the technology available, how can we use it in a way that’s going to keep the student engaged without them going off to Facebook?”

In the future, Mr. Samson said, the app will expand to include analytics functions, letting professors track classroom participation.


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Did anyone see the Panasonic presentation? It was mostly horrible, but they demoed myspacetv. it is basically a way to interact with people (video chat room) while watching tv. The trailer video was Michigan fans across the country watching the pay game together. They used footage from this year, including the odoms td catch


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....when I was at Michigan in the late-90s. I had to settle for a first generation iMac in orange, damnit. 

Just a note - this is credited to a professor in atmospheric,oceanic and space sciences, not CES, per the article. It's a cool  idea all the same and I would love to find a use for it in our own corporate training programs actually.