OT: Lazy Sunday NBA/NHL playoffs open thread

Submitted by American Hotel on April 22nd, 2018 at 3:03 PM
Celtics are storming back against the Bucks. SAS-GSW and Penguins-Flyers on tap. Raptors-Wiz later. LeBron-Pacers, Preds-Avs nightcaps. Who ya got?



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Hubie's fine but this PbP is totally deadening this Bucks-Celtics game. A huge Celtics comeback, teams now trading haymakers, and he sounds like he's describing a middle-aged man putting a carton of milk in a refrigerator.


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This broadcast is proof that the SEC is running ESPN.

How, you ask? The SEC doesn't like sports that threaten to supersede SEC football in popularity. So they ask: "How can we make a thrilling playoff game on national television as uninteresting as possible?"

The answer is this broadcast team.

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I gotta say, I detest when PA Announcers, announce that the home team is going on a (sponser name) "POWWEERRRRR PLAAAAAAAAY." I have no idea how many arenas it happens in but nonstop with this bullshit in Philly today.

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Flyers had their chance to put the Pens away and didn't, Pens didn't make the same mistake letting the Flyers back in it when it mattered the most.

It's always the same story with the Flyers in the playoffs when it comes down to it, goaltending. I can not believe that franchise has not had an upper echelon goaltender for the last 40 years!

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Hextall was too much of a hot head for his game to be taken to the level he needed it to be. Outside of the 87 Playoffs, he could never really be the guy his team could steal a game or even a series for.

Pelle Lindbergh unfortunately had his life cut short, Pete Peters was "EH" in his years with the Flyers outside of their trip to the 80 Cup Final and Doug Favell was primarily Bernie Parent's backup and had a losing record at that.


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is something along the lines of had to be on a winning team most every year, and even if they've taken their team to the cup finals, still not good enough?   using that standard, i'm not sure how many goalies would ever qualify given that some of the very best played for dog teams at some point or another in their career.  that is particularly so in the earlier years, 60's/70's/80's. 

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My standard for "top echelon" is were they consistently amongst the top of their position, where their team could ride them to winning games and series that they shouldn't, on a consistent basis and the answer is no.

If you look at the Flyers goalies in their history, outside of Hextall and Parent, they've had one goaltender, Steve Mason, win 100 or more games as a Flyer and in the Playoffs, only three have over 20 career wins, Brian Boucher is the only outside of Hextall and Parent.

So I'll give you Hextall but since then,  have the Flyers drafted, developed or obtained a "top echelon" goaltender since Hextall, which is now two full decades ago? No.


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Refs just want to get out of the building. Blatant cross check not called lol.

Pens by far better team though. Kept their cool while the Flyers fell apart


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I have no problem with the Penguins per se, but just very tired of seeing them win. Really would be nice to see Washington finally get over the hump, or Tampa/Boston take them out in the ECF


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Warriors are just delaying the inevitable with the Spurs. Crazy to think that before the playoffs started no one would’ve thought that the only sweep would be by 6-seed Pelicans