OT: The Late Great "Pokey Allen" of Portland St. & Boise St.

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Al Borges was the OC for Portland State under the entire tenure of then Viking HC Ernest "Pokey" Allen.

Both coaches went on to great fame at Boise State, including the 1994 Div. 1-AA National Title Game (13-2), losing 14-28 to Cheater McCheatervest of Youngstown State.

Shortly after that 1994 season, Allen was diagnoses with cancer and stepped down as Boise HC in December 1995.

I didn't realize how interesting of a character coach Pokey Allen was, until I saw this tribute footage with mostly Portland State football footage.

Allen was HC at Portland State from 1986-1992, and had Al Borges at his side as OC all of  those seasons plus two more at Boise State (1993-1994)

Local Portland TV news tribute to the late "Pokey" Allen.

For Al Borges, it must have been pretty cool to have worked with, and have been associated with such a great football coach and funnier-than-hell co-worker.




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I've very excited about what he's bringing to our defense as much as I'm excited about what Al Borges is bringing to the offense. Very impressed with the coaching staff so far


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As a resident of the City of Portland and an a soon to be graduating Alum of Portland State University (PSU ESM, UM BA 2005), I would be remiss to not partake in such an event as" Al Borges Night on MGoBlog".

In honor of "Gorgeous Al" Borgess, I offer my Photoshopping services.

For maximim impact, I suppose I should include the rest of the gang...affectionately coined "The M-Team":



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"Gorgeous Al" Borges = "Face" (he's got the looks and he's a smooth talker)

Brady Hoke =  Murdoch (because fanaticism is its own form of crazy)

Fred Jackson = "B.A". Baracus (I pitty the fool who tries to clog our running lanes)

Greg Mattison = "Hannibal" (let's just face it, he loves it when a plan comes together)


RE: Adam Carolla -- large face/head:small neck/body = slightly disproportionate outcome

Just for reference, here is the original source image.


Oh, and just as a side note: For anyone who scorns the existence of the "Split M", just take a look at Mr. J's chains...


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I still have that '94 I-AA NC game on VHS. I just graduated from YSU the year before. One thing I remember about that Boise St team was their starting CB had half an arm, I can't remember how he lost it.
<br>That was YSU's 3rd NC in 4 years and sweatervest was first learning how to coverup cash payment to players and how to win at all costs