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Submitted by umichzach on March 16th, 2010 at 10:10 PM

so i just found out that i am significantly behind on an internship class in terms of number of hours completed. my advisor is recommending i take a late drop and get a W. anyone done this before? how bad does a W look on a transcript?



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Yeah I just did this today. It depends on whether the drop puts you below twelve credits. If you go below 12 credits then depending on your parent's health insurance policy you could lose your coverage.

It also depends on whether the class is for your Major. If it is and you retake the class and get a B or an A then the W wouldn't look that bad at all, however if you get a W and then retake the class and scrape by with a C-, then companies/Grad schools are going to assume the W was a failed attempt. Internships usually aren't required for majors so I think you're fine.

Also if you only have one or two Ws on your transcript then you're probably okay.


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W's look great. On a transcript not so much. I agree with aaa above, if it is your only W and your grades are good you will be ok.

Can you make up internship hours at night or on weekends?


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In my first year at UM I withdrew from honors chemistry after it became apparent that the instructor planned to increase the covered material by 30-40%. No big deal in isolation, but I was carrying 13 other credit hours (including a math "weeder"). One week after the dreaded "W" deadline I dropped into the regular track... where I didn't have to lift a finger for another three weeks (no kidding). I wound up with solid "A" in that class.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it got *totally* overlooked when I was applying to school at the next level. I was definitely never asked about it.

As others have noted, your particular situation might be more complicated.


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Am I missing something? I had a couple W's on my transcript and no one ever even saw it much less cared. Even when I went back to Grad school all they really cared about was my overall GPA and my GPA in my major. I think it's much better to have time to do it right and keep up a good GPA then worrying about a W.

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My housemate took a W this semester. An advisor told him that a good rule to live by is that one W is irrelevant, two Ws are unfortunate, and three Ws are a pattern. One shouldn't get you in trouble.