OT!!! LANDON Donovan running for USMNT Pres?

Submitted by uncle leo on October 19th, 2017 at 10:58 AM

Could happen.


This is good though. I think the more and more people that throw their name in the ring, the more pressure Gulati will feel. I'm in the "Anybody but Gulati" camp. 

There, edited the title so people don't freak out.

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They need to elect someone who can make this their full-time job. I know that might not be what the position requires, but we need someone like Harbaugh, who lives for soccer and won't rest until the US is fielding a Top 5 squad. 


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Donovan can have some Lalas in him . . . likes to hear himself talk. 

But anybody but Gulati.

If it takes a "name" like Donovan to make that happen, I'm all for it.



Clarence Boddicker

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I'm also in the running for USMNT Prez. Me, Clarence Boddicker. I've got some ideas. First, we rob a bank. Then we use the money to buy lots of cocaine. Lastly, we sell that cocaine. Profit...


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saw an article where he said he would run but it's not a paid position and he needs to provide for his family.  Rebuild US soccer from ashes, or make millions sitting at NBCSN doing Premeir League.


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Julie Foudy or Kyle Martino would be my two top "former player/current talking-head" choices. Both seem like high-character individuals who can check their egos at the door, listen to the problems that are embedded in the US Soccer system, and simply hire the best people to solve those problems. They could be the "Jim Hackett" that US Soccer desperately need.

Between Landon Donovan and Eric Wynalda, I think I would lean toward Wynalda. Donovan has heavy ties with the Bruce Arena/MLS camp (not that I'm anti-MLS, but rather it would just be more of the same), he was always flighty about soccer in general with his retirements/comebacks, and I always have concerns about hiring your most gifted players and putting them in charge of development (Klinsmann all over again). Wynalda has some red flags for me as well (a little Alexi Lalas vibe to him), but he's getting backed by some people whose opinions I trust.


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Eric Wynalda has some Lalas vibes in that he likes to hear himself talk, but he isn't a mouthpiece for Garber like Lalas is. 

He was hated by the mls fans because he routinely spoke against the status quo. If we have to pick between those four, my vote would go to Wynalda.


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Exactly. He's not Lalas, but he does enjoy the sound of his own voice; and honestly, that trait is near the bottom of what you should look when electing someone to the highest power. However, he just may be passionate about what's broken and be better suited to fix it. 

Add Claudio Reyna as another person I would like to see run. His comments this week hit home: 

"Our approach and our behavior to the sport here — to coaching, to everything, is just wrong," Reyna told Goal on Tuesday. "We’re far too arrogant. We’re far too obnoxious. We are egotistical having never won anything or done anything, and that’s not the case around the world."

"You travel to Spain, Argentina, Germany and you run into coaches and sporting directors and there’s a humility about their work that doesn’t exist here, and that’s, for me, seeing it, is (to me) a big concern.
"You go to a U-14 and U-15 coach in Spain, and they are 10 times more humble than a U-14 or U-15 coach in Connecticut, New Jersey or New York, who thinks they’re the next Pep Guardiola or Patrick Vieira.
"Until we realize that  — that we’re not as good as we think we are at all levels — then I think we’re going to continue being what we are, which is mediocre."


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This is OT. It's a perfectly valid topic for the board, but it's OT. And I had already seen the headline about this, thought it was interesting, and still saw the name "Donovan" on MGoblog and thought DPJ off the bat. 

His critique is not spurious at all.


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As R & S says, title needs a slight adjustment. But this is interesting. At least it could dislodge Gulati and pave the way for real change.

Still, it's not known if Landon has any actual skill at management or at organizing something like this. He could, by virtue of passion, be a step up. He could also have a number of significant flaws. And having once been a vital player is not a qualification, as anyone who realizes what a great player Jurgen Klinsmann was should understand. 


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Agree. Donovan has no experience in performing this type of job. If he wants it, he needs to get involved at a lower level and accumulate more experience in a management role. While I might be wrong, Donovan would likely be a disaster waiting to happen with his lack of experience.

I'm Batman

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If he was still coach the U.S. would be heading back to the cup. Unfortunately he made an executive decision to cut a whiny little bitch who publicly stated he didnt know if his heart was still in the game.

Yes he lost back to back games to Mexico and Costa Rico. They are now both top 20 ranked teams who qualified for the cup. 

Landon Donovan after not making the squad went on TV as an analyst and did nothing but trash the U.S. team during the Cup in Brazil. That alone should disqualify his bid.