OT: LaMarcus Aldridge will sign with the Spurs

Submitted by Dave98 on July 4th, 2015 at 12:33 PM

Free agent LaMarcus Aldridge will sign with the San Antonio Spurs, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) July 4, 2015

Hopefully this helps them win another title and Duncan can go out on top. I'm a Pistons fan, but I've always liked the Spurs and their team concept. The way they dismantled LeBron and the Heat two years ago, was just awesome.



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The Spurs just will not go away... If they get David West as well they essentially had the best FA a team could ask for. 

Lose Splitter and Baynes, but replace them with West and Aldridge while keeping Leonard, Green, Ginobili and Duncan. 

It's either them or the Warriors coming out of the West next year. I think Spurs are favorites going into this season followed by the Warriors, Cavs and Thunder. 

Oh and the Southwest division just became the strongest division in basketball especially in terms of big men. 

Dirk, Aldridge, Jordan, Z-Bo, Gasol, D12, Duncan, Davis etc... Wouldn't be surprised if all 5 teams make the playoffs next year. 

Ronnie Kaye

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Because their fans are never humble. Red Sox fans were tortured, Cubs fans play the loveable loser role, Cleveland fans continue to puff our their chest like they've got something special going on. They don't learn and they don't deserve anything better.

Also, Dan Gilbert is a pretty awful person. The thought of him and LeBron hugging it out with a title is nauseating.


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then he can rob from the poor to give to the poor, while keeping himself rich (that's if you assume altruistic intent with Detroit, which is...um, generous).  I'd say that's reason enough to dislike him.  And him being no worse than other rich guys who take advantage of the poor and naive isn't exactly a reason to cheer for someone, and is definitely a reason to cheer against someone.


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Because someone has success in the system that our government set up, rules and all, doesn't make him a dick by definition. 

In regards to Detroit, it doesn't matter the intentions if he is the main reason why that city hasn't totally become irrelevant. Detroit, especially in Midtown where he operates, is a cool place to hang out again. 


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Are a dumbass. Cleveland fans don't puff out their chests. You're a typical asshat who thinks he is cool because he talks crap about all things Ohio, but has spent little to no time here.

Also nobody besides Ilitch has put money into Detroit besides Gilbert. I can't stand dumb people who look for cheep pops.


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Pop is a proven commodity as a first ballot hall of fame coach. The Spurs organization has been top notch for years now.

Also the Knicks and Lakers are a mess.


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Nobody wants to play with Kobe, because they don't want to watch a guy chuck up 40 shots to get 30 points. I don't think Kobe was ever anywhere near LeBron/Jordan level. I'll give him props for his defense, but he was/is way too selfish on offense. Most of his glory came when he was playing with Shaq, while Shaq was getting double or triple teamed. A lot of guys could have won rings with Diesel.


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How come Shaq only won one ring without Kobe? But Kobe won 2 without him? To put Lebrons name with Jordan's and not Kobes is up surd. He averaged 31 6 5 against in the playoffs during his third championship. Father Time is catching up with him but it sickens me that people bash him now because he's lost a step.

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Considering the holes in that accuser's story rivaled that of swiss cheese and the fact that she didn't testify could very well mean the opposite. 


Or... the fact that they settled could mean Kobe paid to hush her up.... or paid her to get the hell out of his life after a one night stand. 


See how many different conclusions can be reached? 


So I'll just chalk it up as a who gives a fuck. 


July 4th, 2015 at 3:46 PM ^

There's not much left in his game to appreciate. I'm not a Kobe hater at all. Best player of the post Jordan generation. Top 10, probably top 5 all time. But he's got no chance at another title if he's the main man. The alpha dog in him is a huge reason for his success, but it's also a reason for his decline the past few years (even disregarding the injury). 


July 4th, 2015 at 4:19 PM ^

Kobe is close to 40 and his selfish contract prevents a serious team from being built around him. He is getting his (as he deserves), but that situation will not be a winner with an aging Bryant taking about a third of their salary cap. You can't fault players who see better situations else where.


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I think the main reason Kobe isn't more widely appreciated is that he showed up so soon after Jordan with a game that was so similar.  Fans revered Jordan as a sort of basketball demigod, and that they weren't going to hold anyone else in that kind of regard so shortly after he left the game.

Frank Chuck

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I'm hoping for a Warriors/Spurs series in the 2016 Western Conference Finals: the 2015 NBA Champions versus the 2014 NBA Champions, Kerr versus Popovich.