OT- Kim Jong-Il has died

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I don't know who is next in line in their country, but for the people's sake I hope they can make some progress over there.


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They're literally thousands of manned watchposts all along the line, you'd have to cross about 4 miles of open land that's been heavily mined.  There's a reason why defectors take the long route into china, then thailand or something before coming to seoul.  

When a defector tried cross at the "peace bridge" it led to a shootout that left several people dead and more injured.  


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for now.  His death leaves an impoverished nation in the hands of an equally delusional 20 something, with an ill intentioned cadre of military leaders vying for control. 

Is it any wonder his oldest son Kim Jong-Nam tried to escape from NK to Tokyo Disney with a dominican passport? 

Pressures of possibly taking over your father's dictatorial regime overwhelming you? Throw on some mickey ears and go wild...


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These sorts of stories only seem to hit the news when I go to bed early for once.

My only question is this - why does his son look perpetually unamused? My guess is that someone told him that the DVD of the director's cut of "Logan's Run" was scratched or something along those lines. 


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This is the English version of the North Korean Central News Agency... most certainly the most bizarre thing to read right now. 



Kim Jong Il was, indeed, a peerlessly great man who breathed his last like a hero, totally dedicated to the people, making endless forced marches for field guidance for their happier life with iron will and superhuman energy.


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(well duh) and the mood isn't very different.  It's all over the news, but it wasn't the kind of thing to stop traffic or people from going about their day.  It's not like when they shelled that island last spring, that had people staring at TV's everywhere, even people walking down the street would stop and watch TV's in store or restaurants that day.  Today it's more laidback, no sirens or anything.