OT-Kevin Durant is ballin

Submitted by TheGeneral on January 28th, 2014 at 6:20 PM
There seems to be a backlash around the internet from Lebron fans trying to tear down what Durant is doing and I don't understand it. Kevins greatness doesn't take away from Lebron. I'm old enough to have seen prime MJ and I can't recall anyone even MJ playing as well as Durant is right now. That isn't to say Durant is as good as Michael it's just a statement that Durant is playing out of his mind. My point in this thread is for those that don't care for the NBA to give Durant a look because he's putting on a show every night. And to say if you support another guy that's great but don't hate. Just enjoy this ride until Kevin comes back to earth.



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That's your poblem, you're reading an NBA message board.  There's probably even a few guys that think Dumars is doing a great job.

Durant will usually get a little nicer treatment in the press because he's a really nice guy and more humble than LeBron.  He's never had an ESPN special where he takes his talent to South Beach.



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What should I title my threads?

Please make your thread titles as informative as possible: "Justin Feagin" is bad. "Justin Feagin leaving the team?" is good.


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I hate the NBA just as much as the next mgoblogger, but the OP is right. Durant is playing out of his mind and on a tear only seen a few times over the past 30 years. and perhaps might continue longer than any ever has. I have no problem with this thread.


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Kobe had a more impressive streak of scoring a few years back when he was consistently putting up 40, 50, 60 and 81 point games. I'm not sure KD could replicate that


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i think your wires are crossed.  Kobe shot a respectable 50% during the 9-game stretch of 2002-2003 (February) where he had 40+.  Lakers went 7-2 in that stretch, about half of those games without Shaq, who averaged 27/11 that year (much more that a warm body).  They made the conference semis as a 5-seed where they lost to the eventual champs SAS.

You're probably thinking of 2005-2006 where he averaged 35+, yet at a likely league average number of 45 FG%.

Not taking away from Durant; his game is unique and his production right now is legit.  Yet without arguing overall team effectiveness and flow, Kobe was an offensive savant during that month of Feb and that hasn't been seen since, January 2014 included.


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According to a local sports radio host here in Oklahoma, Durant's shooting pct. for the past six games is 67%. That's quite a feat.  Tonight's game should be quite interesting. Obviously basketball is a team sport, but it seems most are focusing on the KD vs Lebron individual matchup, seeing if Lebron can hold him under 30 pts.


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LBJ had 34 on 20 shots (above his average for FGA) and had only 3 AST.  selfish!

67% is, umm, not too bad.  i still stand by my Kobe comment yet KD's run is extremely compelling in a day where, as one poster mentioned, 30 points in one game is more celebrated now than it was before.

LBJ is averaging 2 fewer FGA than KD over the season (4 fewer over the month of January) yet a 5 PPG difference.  Not the hugest LBJ fan yet if he went into Kobe/attack mode it would be very interesting to see what resulted.


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Big MJ then Kobe fan here so you'll get no arguments from me. But I will point out what Kevin is doing is more than points. His efficiency is currently 2nd all time to Adrian Dantly. And he grades out to be the 3rd rated defender at his position behing only Paul George and Kawai Leonard. It's quite a feat all things considered


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I tried to find it for you but the NBA has so many crazy advanced stats now I couldn't make heads or tails of what I was reading.

I had heard that on some sports show and I was surprised to hear he was playing such good D. I don't remember if they said 3rd in defensive PER or a plus minus shooting percentage defense or what but I think it was PER. I remember specifically they said he ranked 3rd behind George and Leonard.


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Let's not get carried away with MJ. This is a great stretch, but Jordan did this on more than one occasion. Jordan had 10 game stretches where he averages over 40 ppg. And he had multiple streaks of over 10 games in a row where he topped 30. He also had full seasons where he averaged 35 pnts, 6+ rebounds, 6+ assists and 3 steals. What KD is doing is crazy, but it was a yearly occurrence for Jordan. Everyone makes a big deal for a guy getting 30 pnts nowadays, but that was MJs career.


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Again, big MJ fan so I'm not trying to have a dig. But while in PPG yes Mike has had great runs and seasons. But to score over 31 a game while doing it at the 2nd greatest PPFGA ever behind only Adrian Dantly is phenomenal. 1.58 points per shot and rising every game. It's crazy.


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Why would I ever get excited about how great some guy is playing who isn't on my favorite team?  Further, while Durant is playing very well, the dude's 7 feet tall.  Yeah it's neat to see a guy that tall be so skilled, but it was a lot cooler when MJ was ripping it up at only 6'6" and even cooler when it was Isiah Thomas at 6 flat.  Even cooler if Muggsy Bogues had ever been dominant.

Durant?  Yawn.


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Tonight- 22 points on 8/9 shooting and 6 assists. I should mention it's only halftime. He only has 9 shots because they're running the double at him. When does a team break out the box + 1?