OT: Kentucky Football Pulling It Together

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If you haven't recently checked out Rivals 2014 class rankings, you are in for quite the surprise. Kentucky, who finished 2-10 last season and finished without a win in the SEC, currently has the number 1 overall class according to Rivals. While it is still early and bound to change, they currently have 18 overall commitments and 5 four star commitments as well. This is a program that was fighting against Florida Atlantic and Middle Tennessee State for recruits last year... Then again, all of this means nothing because we all know ESPN is the most accurate for the 2014 recruiting class.

In all seriousness, though, Mark Stoops has done a tremendous job of installing hope in a program that really should not be relevant in the SEC year in and year out.  They brought in a spring game crowd of more than 50,000 when they were struggling to get 45,000 to games last season, and Stoops has done an excellent job of stepping up their recruiting.  In the next couple of years, I think this is one team that could certainly raise some eyebrows in the SEC.



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If they have good year this year and next I wouldn't be surprised to see Damien Harris end up there. He seems to really like them already but if they really perform well over the next two years I don't think it's out of the question. Hopefully they don't so UM can get him tho.


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I truly am weary beyond imagining of the "They Have Hotter Women" meme that seems to come up whenever we're talking about schools from the SEC. Honestly, I suppose now that Mizzou is part of the SEC, their women have been promoted to goddess status as well. In my years at Michigan, I never once thought to myself "Why, why oh Lord, why did I go to a school populated by a race of savage turtle-women?" You know what I remember? Attractive women. And I wasn't even a football star. Then someone will bring up parkas, as if UofM girls walk around completely obscured like Kenny from South Park; as if they wore parkas in class and in the bedroom; as if it doesn't get cold in Lexington KY (it does). Honestly. Women don't become more attractive because they live south of the Mason Dixon Line.


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Kentucky is a billion times less suspicious than Ole Miss was. Kentucky's class looks exactly like I'd expect a big name, non-football school to recruit in their good years. A good number of 4* guys, a lot of 3* and 3/4* guys, and finishing up with their usual who dats.

If Kentucky lands three 5* players, they I will cry foul. Until then, I think Mark Stoops is just killing it. Ole Miss still pays people


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This. Plus none of their 4-stars were recruited by a ton of elite programs. Their top rated recruit is only 96th according to Rivals. They've poached a couple top 200 types from Ohio. It really does look exactly like a good MSU class.


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Only thing being pulled together is a larger number of subscribers to Rivals from Kentucky.  Vanderbilt wins the SEC before UK even sniffs it.


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We're still a long way from NSD 2014 and it may or may not stay together, but for Ketucky to have five four-star recruits in one class is quite interesting considering that, according to Rivals, they've only managed 18 4-star recruits in the last 12 recruiting cycles total and no 5-star recruits. 

Indeed, last year was the first time that they had a class that averaged 3 stars in all the time that Rivals has kept data. That might very well be because of some changes to how rankings were done, but when we're talking about a program that could barely muster a 2-star average for several years, this class stands out for them.