OT-Kentucky commits fill up the whole entire Mcdonalds All American game roster which is on ESPN.

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Six Kentucky commitments highlight this year's roster!

All six are rated amongst the top 18 players in ESPNU's Top 150, and five are in the top 11.

That includes the nation's top-ranked point guard (Houston-area guard Andrew Harrison), the top-ranked shooting guard (Andrew's twin brother Aaron), the top-ranked power forward (Dallas' Julius Randle) and the nation's No. 1 ranked center, too, Dakari Johnson of Brooklyn.



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No. Not even close. If you ever get a chance to talk to someone in major college basketball, or someone connected in the AAU circuit or certain people who work for Nike in a relatively private setting ask them about Calipari.


Also, do some googling of Bret Bearup and World Wide Wes, just as a starting point.


I mean, I am sure you are right that there are probably kids who are choosing Kentucky because it is Kentucky and because of all the NBA kids they are churning out and the chance to play with other talented kids.


But no, they are not on the up and up. There will eventually be probation and there will be vacated title(s).

All Day

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They actually could be with a scholarship still available, even if Wiggins comes aboard. They are two under limit right now, have two seniors, and Noel is certainly gone. They also have a few walkons who were given one year scholarships (and knew the deal going into this year) that probably won't be renewed and a transfer that might be shown the door.

But yes, since it's not Michigan, the only way for a school to have success is if they cheated.


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One thing to keep in mind most of these players going there are looking to go straight to the NBA, Cal has proven he can produce lottery picks consistently. That's all they care about. He's surely dirty to but it's probably a easy sell for him


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The problem is that he doesn't "produce" lottery picks. He recruits lottery picks and lets them use him as a stepping stone. I imagine the only thing he brings to the table is a total and open acceptance of the one and done rule, as well as a promise of plenty of playing time as a freshman so they can move on. Nothing wrong with that if that's all that's going on, but I suspect its not.


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Jalen Rose just said you can get a job on Wall Street out of high school. Commence mass dropout from Ross, also I think he needs to move his money to a new account


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in the very near future. Extremely few of these one-and-done kids have any interest in school, and since they've been getting smoke blown up their asses since middle school about how talented they are, a definite percentage are going to arrive in Lexington with attitudes that are all about them and little else. The Team, The Team, The Team means nothing to 18-yr olds who don't plan on being part of that team for more than a few months.

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(not the state, just their sleazy basketball program and coach)  What is their graduation rate? About .03%?  They must have some friends in the NCAA enforcement dept.


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I'm not saying Kentucky is cheating (thinking it, but not saying it) my question is what is the special deal with Kentucky sending players to the NBA. Every school sends players early to the NBA. Duke had Kyrie Irving who barely played in his one year at Duke and still went number 1 overall, why don't they get a ton of 1 and dones now. Anthony Bennet at UNLV, Marcus Smart at OK.State, Andre Drummon last year at UConn. 

I don't think Cal does anything great coaching-wise to help these kids move up draft boards, he just recruits top end talent. So why is it so appealing to kids, is it simply a matter of great facilities and he is the most upfront about not caring whether they want to go to school or not? Or is there something more illicit going on? I tend to lean towards the later.

His Dudeness

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The one-and-done rule is funny.

Player X arrives on campus.

PLayer X could play entire season while going to zero classes.

Season ends.

Player X is found to have attended zero classes and is made academically ineligeable.

Player X goes to NBA draft.