OT-Kentucky commits fill up the whole entire Mcdonalds All American game roster which is on ESPN.

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Six Kentucky commitments highlight this year's roster!

All six are rated amongst the top 18 players in ESPNU's Top 150, and five are in the top 11.

That includes the nation's top-ranked point guard (Houston-area guard Andrew Harrison), the top-ranked shooting guard (Andrew's twin brother Aaron), the top-ranked power forward (Dallas' Julius Randle) and the nation's No. 1 ranked center, too, Dakari Johnson of Brooklyn.



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That doesn't apply here.  Everyone knows who they are because they were the first of their kind and started a cultural revolution both inside and outside the sport.  No one outside Kentucky will remember Calipari's teams the way they do the Fab Five, regardless of whether they wind up vacating wins or not.  Calipari, on the other hand, might be remembered for being the most successful cheater in the history of college basketball based on his continued ability to bring in these ridiculous classes year after year.  There's just no reason why he would be THAT successful when there are so many good teams and coaches out there.


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between Calpari and say, Michigan, is that Calipari doesn't seem to be offering these kids anything but a ticket to the NBA, or at least an opportunity for one, in two years or less.  He's not offering them an education, he's not offering them tradition, just the chance at a ring and a big pay day.  If that's what he wants to do, more power to him.  But all he'll end up with is a team of hired guns, mercenaries, who have only one thing in mind....when do I get paid?

His Dudeness

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"between Calpari and say, Michigan, is that Calipari doesn't seem to be offering these kids anything but a ticket to the NBA, or at least an opportunity for one, in two years or less."


You can't really believe that, right?

UMASS > Camby


UK > ...


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With Camby it was a different time...I think the way things are going, he's an unfair comparison.  With Rose, he wasn't all that long ago so definitley a more recent example of the contrary.  But nowadays, it seems like there's more and more of this and Calipari is selling a bill of goods that the kids want.  I'm speaking generally of the situation, but specifically addressing the behavior of Calipari.  When all five freshmen on the team last year all declare...and now he's getting the recruiting class like this...it just is too much to ignore for me.  I see your point with those guys though.


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Kentucky's Class of 2012 - Rivals

Nerlens Noel (#1 C, #2 overall)

Alex Poythress (#2 PF, #8 overall)

Archie Goodwin (#5 SG, #14 overall)

Willie Cauley-Stein (#9 C, #40, overall)


While that is still an impressive recruiting class, its nothing compared to the class Calipari is bringing in this year:

Kentucky's Class of 2013 - Rivals

Julius Randle (#1 PF, #2 overall)

Aaron Harrison (#1 SG, #4 overall)

Andrew Harrison (#1 PG, #5 overall)

James Young (#2 SG, #10 overall)

Dakari Johnson (#1 C, #13 overall)

Marcus Lee (#5 PF, #18 overall)


On top of all that, UK is still in the running for the Andrew Wiggins (#1 SF, #1 overall), plus Poytress and Cauley-Stein have both announced that they're coming back for their sophomore season. On paper, this class has more talent than the Fab Five with or without Andrew Wiggins.


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Only one player in the game is going to the big ten yaaaaaahhhh. Also Indiana is awful at recruiting half of their 3/4 stars they have gotten over the last 3 years have never/barley steped on the court. Would think they would do better, Crean might be slightly overated 


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Dear Sirs:

I think it's downright disgusting that you folks seem to think there must be something underhanded going on for Kentucky to land virtually all the nations top recruits.  I think it's totally  normal and explainable for every kid ranked highly to end up at one school just because of things like outstanding coaching or academics.

Yours Resentfully,

Hugh Freeze

Perkis-Size Me

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I've got a feeling in the next 5-10 years Kentucky is going to have a lot of vacated wins. Calipari must be a hell of a recruiter, but I'll be damned if there isn't some kind of seedy shit going on with that program.


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I actually wouldn't be surprised if it's mostly on the up and up now. He's already got a reputation for putting a TON of kids in the first round of the draft after one year. If you're planning to be a one and done, where else would you go? If it's me, and I don't already have a strong inclination one way or another, I'm probably headed to UK.


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I don't know. Andrew Wiggins could play for pretty much any Division I school in the country and still be a high lottery pick. Obviously, scouts would like to see how he matches up against the best competition possible, but that doesn't require going to Kentucky, or any traditional basketball power for that matter.

The Geek

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I believe he runs a clean program, also. I am curious, however, to see how long Calipari can keep recruiting "one and done" players. It is quite possible he remains successful for a long time, especially with the recent NCAA rule changes removing the restrictions on player contact.

I would imagine it's pretty tough to "develop" 18-year old kids in one season, but as discussed on t his board previously, the NBA readily drafts these athletes based upon their potential... So, if I'm a high-school senior with NBA-aspirations, UK is at the top of my list, as well.