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Submitted by milla61 on January 25th, 2010 at 9:20 PM

I think we're far enough into the season to wonder if Kentucky will go undefeated and win the whole thing. I think with the talent they have in Wall, Cousins, Patterson and the rest they have an extremely good chance. I know with Calipari's track record there is a good chance Kentucky might have to vacate all their wins when it's all said and done. What are your thoughts?



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John Wall is an unstoppable deathbeast from another world, and when his brain catches up to his body....holy shit, A.I. 2.0.

I love the fact that he has already become an amorphous point guard. It usually takes guys years to walk the line between knowing when to pass and knowing when to score. He also seems to have that "sense of the moment" that all of the league's elite clutch players have. If this kid doesn't pan out it will either be because he doesn't care/drugs/jail/injuries, but definitely not from a lack of basketball ability. Kid is an elite athlete AND basketball player. Those don't come around too often.

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That being said, I think that they will run the table. It's unlikely, but this team is stacked.


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Played on YMCA all star teams/went to high school with Patterson. Great kid and easy to root for. Aside from playing favorites...this team has ridiculous amounts of star power and talent wise is probably superior to every team in the country.


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A family friend owned the property Wall was charged with breaking and entering last year. That was when Duke and UNC backed off their recruitment a little. Not saying they still wouldn't have taken him, but who knows what would have happened.


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And think about the possibility of this team with the addition of Jodie Meeks. They would be unstoppable. Meeks was also a pretty special talent.

I won't forget that game where he went off against Tennessee last year. It was pretty amazing to see in a college game.

The Shredder

January 26th, 2010 at 12:08 AM ^

If they win it all or make it to the final four it will be taken away in time. Calipari is 2 for 2 with Memphis and Umass with losing final four seasons. Kentucky sold their soul to win and it will cost them big in the future.