OT: Just met probably the most idiotic man in Michigan...

Submitted by Dezmatic247 on June 2nd, 2010 at 2:07 AM

So I'm sitting here at my local watering hole and I can't help but hear this big piece of lard talking crap about how he doesn't have faith in Rich Rod. I tried to ignore him but he asked me how I felt about the self-imposed sanctions. So after I tell him that I think that David Brandon has done a fantastic job and is going to turn this program around, he tells me that he thinks that Michigan should get charged with the following...

-DOUBLE Michigan's scholarships (because he feels that it would hurt Michigan to have to pay for all those scholarships)
-10 year ban on bowl games for Michigan... after I spit my vodka out and told him that he was mentally retarded he said "ok 5 years", to which I asked if he knew anything about sports at all.
Apparently he didn't because he is still spouting off about how he wants an 132 team NCAA tournament and 3 MLB All-Star games!
I am really trying not to break my bottle over his head, but he just said that Bo and ;oe Pa were terribly overrated. I don't know if I can deal with such non-sense any longer! I can't believe people like this exist!!!



June 2nd, 2010 at 2:36 AM ^

a few more drinks so he passes out and you wont have to listen to him anymore lol because some of the comments you have posted that he has said sound absurdly drunk


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In a Hangover type mix-up, someone tried to drug you, but was mistakenly given LSD instead of GHB, which he/she dropped into your drink in an effort to have their way with you. Obviously, you were at a sports bar, and had Michigan football on the mind, as most of us do, and the LSD combined with the deepest recesses of your brain to form this hallucination of a man who is a combination of all things you find horrible in sports fans. This is probably why he looked like a strange combination of Drew Sharp and Michael Rosenburg, with the voice of Rob Parker and Matt Millen's hair. It would also explain why he was drinking the blood of a freshly sacrificed virgin out of the skull of one of Alabama's 3rd string offensive lineman, who is getting a medical redshirt due to accidental decapitation in one of Nick Saban's famed "French Revolution" drills. I advise you get back home as soon as possible, and ignore the Morgan Trent like apparitions that appear before you on the walk home, all you need to do to make them go away is a stop and go route. 


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OMG, he met scooter with the UofM alumn lawyer parents from the Freep ... scooter made it out of the basement. Must have missed all of us who used to spar with him before last August and had to go find a sparring partner at the bar.


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This ought to be enough to get his voting and breeding rights revoked.  I know that's a touchy area of social policy, given a bad name by some who took it too far about 70 years ago; I have a hard time accepting the idea that whoever can find a willing partner can procreate, and we as a society bear the brunt.

Captain Obvious would say that this is akin to a few smart antelopes finding an area of the savanna without any lions.  Soon enough the herd would have more than its fair share of fat, lazy, stupid antelopes that did nothing but eat, complain, and shit all over the place.  They would take their un-hunted status for granted and presume in some way that they deserved it.

Max Power

June 2nd, 2010 at 8:46 AM ^

I was at a Tigers game last month (Damons walk off) with some family. I was wearing my white Michigan jersey and some MSU guy, my aunts sister-in-laws uncle or something, started chatting me up about Rich Rod. When he leared that I live in ohio he started talking about a MSU recruit from my area who has a "4.9 GPA" (which I dont think is really possible, but whatever) It took me all my strenght not to say 'Really? were gonna compare academics? Is that where were going with this??"  But being the polite, respectfull wolverine that I am I bit my tounge.

Monocle Smile

June 2nd, 2010 at 12:33 PM ^

This is a well-reasoned, harmless post. A couple of schools nearby weighted AP and honors courses, which of course just led to drama over valedictorian status. At my school, myself and the other six 4.0 students just shared it and chilled out.

double blue

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there's all kinds out there.   a colleague of mine from notre dame sent myself and another michigan alum colleague an email the day the sanctions were announced saying "how michigan had 'soiled' themselves" .  my fellow michigan alum snaps back that michigan did not soil themselves, but that it was "white trash from west virginia and when they leave order will be restored".  when i emailed him a couple of the more middle ground analyses of the report to show him that the "white trash" had nothing to do with it he simply shrugged it off and said the report was a sham and that "he knows that rich rod cheated and brandon is covering up to not have michigan get a bigger black eye than we would otherwise".

i am not sure if thi colleague reminds me more of dan akroyd in "sneakers" or mel gibson in " conspiracy theory".


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Stupidest in Michigan? Thats nothing!  When I moved to Arizona from the Detroit area in high school, my first day in English class I told a girl I was from Michigan and she asked me what state Michigan is in...