OT: Just Cover Blog Pick 4 Contest

Submitted by jamiemac on September 3rd, 2010 at 10:05 AM

So who wants to be in a pool? Venture over to the JCB and check out our Pick-4 contest. It's a bit different that most pools. We're not picking games, but instead picking over/unders on player-type props. Some have been pulled from an actual oddsmakers board, but others are the mad invention of yours truly. This week, there are 4 props, each from a different game. We might expand the board as we go along and have like 6-8 props and you pick 4. For now, each is worth one point. We'll allow the use of one double play a week beginning next week. How else is this pool different? It's free. I'll do something for prizes, but there is no entry fee. The games for this week are the following: Michigan TFLs O/U 3.5 Florida TD passes O/U 5.5 Total points Notre Dame O/U 33.5 Will Kellen Moore throw a pick: yes/no So, check it out and please play. Feel free to discuss the thread, but you have to formally make your picks at the JCB



September 3rd, 2010 at 6:17 PM ^

If I had actually thought about it this past month I probably would have tried to set up a Pick Six like Blue Gray Sky used to do.  In fact I won the last ever BGS Pick Six, which I think is why they shut down.  They didn't want to send a prize to a Michigan fan.

I will enter your Pick 4 though.