OT: Josh Jackson (Va Tech)

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Fred Jackson confirmed that his son's fate will be decided in the next few days. Although he is still currently on the team, Fred said that a decision is coming soon. Josh is wrapped up in some sort of academic scandal. Those that are close to it are saying that he will be shown the door. This will be a major blow to the Hokies as he is the third starter departing. 2 for academics and 1 major injury.



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What a waste. Sorry, but it can’t be THAT hard to stay eligible at Va. Tech or most other schools. Unless you are a Cardale Jones level moron, which I doubt here...


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Here's the Gobbler Country article - LINK

There isn't information on the specific issue, but in the middle of the piece, an interesting assessment of what is known:

Look, there isn’t much to say on the particular situation that we can openly say just at the moment; but the buzz is not good. We will see how things shake out, but Virginia Tech is serious about certain things, and “academic issues” tend to be one of those “certain things”.



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Man, you hate to see a kid waste talent like that.  I know there is a MAJOR time commitment (almost no life outside football), but they have tutors and study groups.  As a former student athlete in college (not Div. 1), I know coaches are monitoring things. According to his profile he's majoring in Psychology--which wouldn't seem extremely hard (as compared to engineering lets say).


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Good for Virgina Tech.   Schools like UNC (and the whole South) tend not to have academic scandles because there are no academics and they are a bunch of cheaters.    Va Tech is far enough North to have some ethics and enforce some academic standards.   Sucks that JJ is caught up in it.


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Your perception of VA Tech's academic quality is off by a fair bit. VA Tech might not even be in the top ten of southern schools. UNC, Duke, GA Tech, UVA, Vanderbilt...that's 5 schools that are much better academically and 4 are south of VT. Schools like NC State, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Miami and others are in the same ballpark and quite possibly better than VT as well. That's just off the top of my head. All of those schools but 1 (UVA) are further south than VT.

As for how clean the football program is, I think you're off there as well. VA tech only started cleaning up its act in the late 90s after hitting a pretty low bar. According to wiki, they had 22 football player arrests in 15 months in 1997. With that much bad press, they had to do something and they tightened things down...supposedly. Remember the Vick brothers? I doubt Mike  was a saint who magically became a piece of excrement after he left Blacksburg. It took two years for Marcus to finally get permanently kicked off the team. Was academic cheating part of the Beamer era"? I don't know, but I think there is enough evidence to be skeptical of claims that the program was (or is) anything close to squeaky clean.


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That's fair.    In general the South should feel bad because of slavery, Jim Crow and overly tan guys who wear pink button down shirts and big rings from their hate groups.      ...and their their football recruiting and academic standards are symptomatic of their general lack of morality.     I'm just sayn'...