OT- John L press conference yesterday: "SMILE!"

Submitted by UMxWolverines on September 18th, 2012 at 2:24 PM

I laughed my ass off the  first 30 seconds! What a guy.



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bear in mind I'm not aware of their OC/DC situation, but either would've been preferable. Give them the "head coach" tag, 2 year contract, and if it didn't work out, can them and start a search. 

You have a semblance of continuity internally, and avoid bringing in the biggest ass-clown in coaching short of Billy Gillespie.

 On 2nd thought, JLS probably trumps Gillespie. 


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is Paul Petrino.

Hiring Bobby's brother maybe wouldn't have been ideal, under the circumstances.

Paul Haynes is the DC. He has no head coaching experience as far as I know and they just hired him for this season (he coached in their bowl game last year) but now that I think about it, maybe he's why they thought of JLS in the first place? He coached for him at MSU, and again at Louisville.



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The only thing that I could think during those painfully awkward and uncomfortable opening seconds of this presser is that, as was the case in the past, the haloperidol is not working for John L. Smith and they need to try something different.

I think the next logical step, at the next presser, is for Smith to go "gangnam style" in response to a question.

Johnny Blood

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It's hard to imagine how that guy walks into a room with an AD for an interview and then gets hired for anything, let alone a head-coaching job.  He is just so wierd.  And yet it has happened over and over again.


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I really want to know how he gets hired. I guess it has to be terrible decisions by ADs combined with extraordinary interview skills. But man, there are terrible decisions, and then there are terribler decisions.


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My guess is that when Petrino was fired they looked to their current staff for suggestions. Both coordinators were new hires, one is Petrino's brother, the other is Paul Haynes from OSU.

Haynes was John L.'s secondary coach for three years at Louisville and MSU. Maybe he gave a strong rec?

And of course Smith had been a Petrino assistant at Arkansas for a year (and wasn't Petrino Smith's assistant at one time?). He may well have been the only person associated in any way with the staff who'd ever been a head coach at any level.