OT- John Harbaugh quoting Bo in ESPN article

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John Harbaugh showing some love for Bo. Not a big deal, but just another testament to Bo's lasting impact on the sport.

"He cited advice he received from the late Bo Schembechler, that "if you try to stay the same you end up getting worse."





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for anyone aspiring to something better than they are given/are.  Also, pretty cool all the influence Bo had on the entire Harbaugh family.  


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Sure, I can see where it seems early, but ... it's fair. Yes, Lloyd (bless his heart) won a championship, but he also faded at the end. (Beating Florida doesn't make up for Appy State, Oregon, and what in retrospect were lousy recruiting classes in '05, '06, and '07.)

Speaking of Bo, I wonder if he reached that conclusion when reviewing some of his early years (the ones where, in the Rose Bowl, he insisted on running the ball into stacked lines)?


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I have a lot of resentment towards Lloyd but there were significant rumors that he wanted to retire after the 2004 season, but BM talked him into staying, and the same thing happened after '06. Obviously Lloyd should have been the one to recognize that it was his time but it is not like he was a Joe Paterno situation where he needed to leave While his arrogance kept him around.


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That's fair and I agree, and think he was to loyal to certain coaches on his staff that didn't deserve to be there but this article is about Bo and Harbaugh and one of the first comments is a complaint about Carr. I think that's rather unfair to Lloyd and his accomplishments.


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but for me, Lloyd >Bo. Lloyd was my "generation", I witnessed the emotional moment in which he was hoisted up in his final game during my freshman season. Lloyd won the first national championship for Michigan in the past 70 years. Bo won 2/10 Rose Bowls, nevermind a  National Championship. I also prefer Lloyd's grandfatherly demenour to Bo's hard ass footbaw coach persona.


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Having a losing a record against OSU (especially in the manner Lloyd accomplished this) and being responsible for the most embarrassing loss in school history is enough trump the 1/2 NC we got in 1997 (with someone else's recruits mind you)

Plus if 3 & Out is correct in its depiction LC, then I'm not sure LC has all the qualities of a "Michigan Man".


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Trumps a lot of things. (And none of the trophies have "co-champ" on them just because one of the many gave it to Nebraska). 

But yeah, yeah, we get where a bunch of you are coming from....Michigan football has sucked for decades except for the three years they put up the worst records in the last 40+ years; then it was glorious.

(And if you want to take 3 & Out as the Bible maybe you want to read MGoBlog's own HTTV...which points out a bunch of the stuff in there was just wrong).


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Bo was 11-9-1.  You're talking about the difference of one game each way. You make it sound like Carr had a Cooper-like record, And Bo won the vast majority of games against them. Neither is true. 

Bo went 6-6 once. He had his ups and downs too. In a far easier conference. He was 5-12 in bowl games, which compared to even 6-7 looks pretty awful.  One can easily believe Bo was a better coach. But we were pretty much Rose Bowl laughingstocks at the time ("Bo always loses his bowl games") so both kept us repsectable, and had minor flaws.

And if you're really feel worse about losing to App State than you feel good about winning the only National Championship in most of our lifetimes, and would trade one for the other, your priorities are really skewed.


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You make it sound like Carr had a Cooper-like record

The irony of this comment is Carr DID have a Cooper-like record (actually worse, percentage-wise) when he wasn't facing . . . John Cooper.

Bo had a winning record vs. Woody Hayes. Don't make it out like all records in rivalries are created equal.


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"And if you're really feel worse about losing to App State than you feel good about winning the only National Championship in most of our lifetimes, and would trade one for the other, your priorities are really skewed."

This is not what I said.  I said losing record against OSU AND losing to ASU trump the NC (not just losing to ASU alone like your statement alludes to).  I may be in the minority, but I would trade the NC for a recent winning record against OSU and not losing to ASU.  We as Michigan fans all know how we like to categorize the NC as "mythical" and that our goal is winning the B10 first and foremost.  And because of our recent record against OSU and that damn ASU game we are a laughing stock to our rivals, and using the "well, we won the NC 16 years ago" meme doesn't do a lick anymore to mitigate that.

LC did some great things off the field, but probably no different than most coaches.  But on the field, he did less with more, was too loyal to a fault, couldn't beat his main rival consistent basis.  He was a good (not great or elite coach) at best.  


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Rich's three losses too.

And we weren't laughingstocke to our rivalS when Lloyd was winning his last 6 vs, MSU, his last 2 vs. Notre Dame, or PSU hadn't beat us in a decade. But you wanted more of what came after, right?


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Good quote and probably applicable in a lot of situations, but I feel like here it's just Harbaugh trying to explain why his team is literally disintegrating right now. 


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"Every day… we are either getting better or we are getting worse, we do not stay the same..."

And Lloyd used it all te time. (And not an original idea by Bo even, really).