OT: Joey Harrington injured in bike accident

Submitted by MGoCooper on August 1st, 2011 at 10:13 PM
Former Lions QB Joey Harrington was injured badly in a biking accident in Portland, Oregon. While not a world beater by any stretech, he was always a quality person, and did a lot of great work in the Detroit community. I hope he recovers soon, I always respected him. Get well soon Joey. m.freep.com/Sports/article?a=2011110801054&f=1233



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His Dad was joking about it on TV, saying Joey was in good spirits about it. I would never be serious about joking about a guy getting hit by a car. I made the joke only after hearing his Dad joke about it.

Coming from a family that has lost several members to car accidents, I would never seriously joke about it.


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You may call yourself "Wolverine in a bag," but you certainly don't act like a Wolverine.  You trolled an ex-Michigan player and made fun of someone who is in the hospital in one pathetic excuse for a "joke."  

Why don't you change your name to "Sparty in a bag?"


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I do apologize if it offended anyone. It may not have been at all serious, and came only after hearing his family joke about it, but it was in poor taste. I have also edited it, and do again apologize.


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I was hit by a car and suffered the exact same injuries and a year later I'm still hurting and sore from it. I hope his recovery goes well and that he can come back strong from this.


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Rabble, rabble, rabble!

(I didn't get to read the joke since the OP edited it but I still wanted to chime in with my two cents.  Anyone know if he was wearing a helmet?)



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IDK, was the driver texting?

The helmet question is a pet peeve, as it has nothingg to do with the accident (assuming the driver hit him) and somehow puts the blame on the cyclist. At any rate, a helmet provides little protection for impacts above appox 10 mph.


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The driver on the phone/texting/emailing is a great question.  But you cannot discount the helmet question.  There are state laws requiring bikers to wear helmets for a reason.  Not that it applies in this accident, but I definitely have less sympathy for a biker that sustains a head injury who wasn't wearing a helmet (regardless of the alleged ineffectiveness over 10 MPH).  That said, if the driver was breaking a law he/she should definitely be prosecuted.


Super J

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I hope he recovers fine.  Bike riders in Portland are assholes on the road.  I'm just sayin'. Except the chick that rides around town naked.  She is cool.