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November 23rd, 2010 at 1:51 PM ^

I think we kind of faced this dilemma with Lloyd.  He was a great coach who was still fielding highly competitive teams, but it was obvious to all of us that he no longer had the energy or whatever to compete at the high level that we expected.    As for the Bo question, I think that Bo answered it for us by retiring. Although this was for health reasons, I think he would have known when it was time otherwise.  And no, I don't think that the Michigan fanbase would have wanted him coaching forever.  Somebody needs to be able to respectfully tell people when it is time to go sometimes.


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Not to disrespect one of Michigan's greatest coaches ever, but:

* I agree that they have different levels of achievement in the Big Ten, but the comparison is not quite apples-to-apples.  Maybe apples-to-better-tasting-apples.  The conference was weak relative to its peers (as measured by OOC games) for the '70s and most of the '80s.

* JoePa won two national championships in the modern era.  Bo won ... zero (sorry).


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As long as JoePa wins, his legacy is fine.  It was becoming an issue from 2000-2004 when PSU's program was down.  (I still don't quite understand how he turned it around.)  But since then they've done well.  Given their youth and huge injury toll, this is one of his best coaching jobs this season.


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starts at QB next year.  Rob Bolden or Matt McGloin.  McGloin has been a revelation this season, too bad that his first start has to be against Michigan.  Bolden has more talent but never really put it together on the field on a consistent basis even in high school.  McGloin seems to be a better passer right now and gives PSU the best chance of winning.  Imagine PSU if they had McGloin starting all season long.  They would be ranked in the top 25 IMO.


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Why shouldn't he come back? Penn State doesn't seem to want him to leave. He is a great man and has earned the right to leave whenever he wants. Probably the last coach in any sport to have that priveledge.


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I almost feel embarrased for him. He doesn't even wear a headset. He obviously doesn't call plays for either side of the ball. He seems to only be a motivational tool at this point. I could be wrong but honestly, how much could he be actually "coaching" at this point? His sideline interviews are interesting to me too. He doesn't seem to have anything other than just very general statements.


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How many head coaches actually call the plays for their team? Consider a few years ago when, during a huge game vs. Missouri, Mike Gundy was on the sidelines facing away from the field working with his offense, while his defense was struggling to stop Missouri.

Many older coaches don't wear headsets because for most of their career they didn't. I believe Howard Schnellenberger now at FAU still doesn't wear one. Doesn't mean they don't have a say in the play calls. Plus, they might actually be more involved in game planning during the week.

Remember a few years ago when JoePa was in the booth. Actually commented that he liked coaching more from there because he had a much better vision and grasp of all aspects of the game. So that would go against your theory perhaps.

Furthermore, how many play calls do you think CEO coaches like Mack Brown actually make. Probably just the critical ones in the key situtations in games. And there was a recent article about JoePa in which the writer actually comments about most of the reflective remarks Paterno makes after the game or during the week. Sideline interviews - really?? Why would you ask such a stupid question comes to mind. 



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Is he your grandpa or something? You seem very offended. Trust me, I know a lot of coaches don't call the plays anymore. I was just giving my opinion about how it seems to me. If you disagree, fine. I just wouldn't beleive that he can keep up on gamedays like he could in the past. Maybe he does help more with game planning during the week that's a good point. IMO though, and that is all it is, he is just a mascot on the sidelines for gamedays.


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Good.  Now if UM and PSU have the same record the Gator Bowl may take UM over PSU; whereas a retiring JoePa would definately send Penn State to the best possible bowl for the JoePa Good-Bye Bowl  


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JoePa is just the king figurehead now with some decision making tasks. His kid, Jay, does most of the media stuff when dealing specifically with playcalling and personnel. JoePa is great for the ESPN cameras and the commercials but it is really like the Bowden situation now.


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I don't see the hullabaloo. First, another 7-8 win season and he passes Eddie Robinson for all time Division 1 wins (and would only trail that D-3 guy), which would be pretty cool. So there's that.

Second, Paterno is not like Bowden. Bowden was run off after 8 years of increasingly diminshed returns. Paterno has 11-1 seasons in recent memory. He has an entirely respectable season in a rebuild this year. His team should be better next season. He's still recruiting at a high level. If, and when, he leaves, they're going to promote from within, so who cares when he goes? It's one thing if you've got Urban Meyer sitting there, waiting to come to Penn State, but if all they're going to do is promote his red-headed assistant, as has been said a hundred times, I don't see any difference in the day-to-day operations and wins and loses at PSU. So who cares? Everyone likes Grandpa JoePa, so as long as he isn't hurting the brand, let the guy stick around.


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the rumor mill around these parts say good money on Jay, Galen Hall (o-cood), Tom Bradley (d-coord), with an outside chance of Temple's Al Golden.

The one weird thing I have heard is since JoePa plays mascot, Jay Paterno calls passing plays and Hall calls running plays down to McQuery (QB coach). How can this not be confusing in fast pace moments in the game? Whatever. I just hope they lose all their games and tie osu.


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He's probably considered too old to start a new career doing color in the broadcast booth, so any retirement by him would take him away from the game forever.  Also, every time someone writes him off as being too old to coach, his team has a good season.  I believe that he has said, as someone already commented, that he is afraid he will die if he has nothing to do.   

So, basically, he will either write his own ticket or someone will have to be known as "The Asshole Who Fired Joe Paterno."  Since nobody wants to be known as TAWFJP, Joe will probably stay until his doctor tells him he can't.