OT: Jim Harbaugh @ a hospital for arrythmia

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Former Wolverine QB and current 49er's HC is at the hospital today in California for an irregular heartbeat aka an arrythmia, he is having a procedure done.  No word yet on any impact to his coaching for the rest of the season, or Monday night vs the Bears.  Thoughts and prayers go out to him for a swift recovery.  Regardless of the past few years' bitterness, he's still a UM QB so he still gets my support in this.

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True Blue Grit

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He didn't have the strongest arm or wasn't the fastest.  But for sheer competitiveness, grit, and unwillingness to back down, he doesn't have any peers in the U-M QB fraternity.  My favorite JH memory is the 1985 game here against OSU where in the 4th quarter, facing a 3rd down play and OSU threatening to come back, Harbaugh throws a perfect bomb to a streaking John Kolesar down the sideline for the TD.   The play broke Ohio's back.  


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that he's probably having an outpatient procedure called a cardiac ablation. The recovery time is typically 24-48 hours of rest. He will be 100% by Monday morning barring any complications.


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There are dozens of different arrhythmias. Some are genetic or congenital, while others are due to degenerative changes in heart muscle tissue. He probably has an accessory electric pathway in his heart that is short-circuiting his normal heartbeat. She will undergo an ablation procedure which should simply eliminate that pathway.


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Beat me to it. I had one when I was in the 4th grade, wasn't too bad of an experience. I was in the hospital for 2 nights but that was just because of my specific condition and young age. Irregular heartbeats are usually genetic, but occur quite commonly and sometimes are not even treated.


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If serious enough and untreated, they can lead directly to the formation of blood clots, and then a stroke. My father, uncle, cousin, two sisters, and my brother have all suffered from it, and it was a direct cause of the stroke-related dementia that my dad suffered from in the last few years of his life. Luckily so far I've been spared (knocking on wood).


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First great UM QB of modern era.  First UM QB to start an NFL game.  The "gaurantee" against OSU, check.  The bomb to Kolesar.

So, how is this OT?  Definitely On Topic.

True story:  You young'uns might not have heard this before.  Jim is about to start for the Bears on Monday night football, his first start.  It will mark the first night ever a UM QB starts an NFL game.  Bo* (*=if I need to tell you who Bo is, you are REAL young) is recruiting that night.  He's in the living room of one Rick Mirer, the top QB in the country, allegedly.  The announcers of MFN, probably Al, goes something like, "No Michigan QB has ever started an NFL game, before tonight."  And Mirer and his parents look at Bo, and Bo says something I'm sure was perfectly appropriate for Bo.

And Mirer, of course, ends up at ND.  THANK GOD.

So Jim, we have you to thank for that too!


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As the story is told in Bo, Bo pointed at Harbaugh on the TV and said "son, if you go to Michigan that could be you one day."  Right after that, there was either a graphic or the MNF announcers said that it was the first game ever started in the NFL by a Michigan QB.  Bo said he knew he had lost him right then (thank God).


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With Dierdorf on the announcing team at that, they were laughing how long it's been since a Michigan QB started in the NFL. Of the 15,000 passes thrown on MNF, how many have been thrown by a Michigan QB? and such.

Bo looked him straight in the eye, and said "Son, you're going to change all that."


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He'll be fine.. I would doubt very highly that he needed a cardioversion. For that to be done he would have to be in atrial fib or atrial flutter. If he that have these conditions he would not be a NFL coach because of the stress level..