OT Jim Boeheim hits, kills man walking with his car

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Not a good story.  Happened Last night. 

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Syracuse men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim struck and killed a man walking outside his vehicle on Interstate 690 around midnight, a source has confirmed for Syracuse.com | The Post-Standard. The man in his 30s had been in a car with four others near Thompson Road in Syracuse when their vehicle crashed for unknown reasons, said a source familiar with the investigation. The man at some point got out of his vehicle, the source said. That’s when Boeheim drove by and struck the pedestrian, the source said.




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Sucks. I ran out of gas on US23 the other day and I was nervous as fuck getting out of the car to get my emergency gas can on the side of the highway. All it takes is one glance away from the road for someone to hit you. 


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A cousin of mine you might have heard of this one he was dropping his daughter off in Lansing, and he was called by his daughter after he dropped her off so he turned around on the highway.  Then he ran out of gas a car then struck him after he stepped out of his car(later pronounced dead) he was a barber and he was actually just starting to turn his life around.


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All involved.  Agreed.  Boeheim will feel the effects of this for the rest of his life.  I worked with a guy who killed a pedestrian and he said he will never drive again.  

All it takes is looking in the rearview mirror a little too long, or side mirrors, and you can drift out of your lane. Surprised this doesn't happen more often. 




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Tragic.  Here are a couple more details:


Boeheim passed an alcohol test and is cooperating with the investigation, the source added. He was interviewed by police and released.

Driving conditions after the game were icy in spots. It’s unclear if that played any role in the initial crash or Boeheim’s involvement.

Flying Dutchman

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I nailed this one the second that story came out.  

People do bad things to each other every day.  That part is unfortunate.   But I know that city and that location in the city very well, and I knew 100% that that particular set of events did not happen to that guy at that place and time.  It just sounded too made up.  There needs to be a meaningful consequence for falsely using up that much of the resources of police.  


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Neither the north nor the south side of Chicago is "MAGA country."

The north side is full of young families who love the Cubs, hot yoga, local restaurants and craft beer. North of that is Evanston, which isn't quite Ann Arbor, but it's a lot closer to A2 than say...Whitesville, WV (a real place). The south side is, well...the fucking south side of Chicago.

Chicago is not a place where MAGA politicians go to get votes.

He also just seems like a shady fuck and when it supposedly went down, there wasn't near enough info. It always felt like the police were holding something back that they were looking into.

It was stupid from the jump.


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Afraid? No. Careful? Yes. Specific? Yes.

They handled it beautifully. They didn't say anything to strong confirming or denying. They kept on with their investigation and refuted things that didn't happen and confirmed things that did until they reached a point where they could make an arrest.

There were even rumors that the guy said or did things that he didn't do and the police came to his defense and denied that those things happened. But they NEVER said that everything he was saying was true or that they weren't investigating something different.


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Not true at all. I live in Roscoe Village. Been here for 10 years.

Stop trying to push your political agenda with that "from the left" bullshit.

1. The police didn't release much at all other than the standard cookie cutter statement and they were very noncommittal which told me something was wrong from the jump.

2. There was no real backlash against Chicago PD. That's complete nonsense. There was a bunch of TWITTER backlash...that's a completely different topic.

Blatantly lying on the internet isn't cool, but I suppose it's not new either. Do better.


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And then there’s the white nationalist Coast Guard veteran who planned to take out a group of folks whose politics he does not agree with. Luckily, he and his 15 plus guns and 1000 rounds of ammo were arrested and he’s charged with terrorism. Sadly, terrorism on US soil by a white nationalist with political hit list means less to public and media than TV star who fakes a hate crime on himself.


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I feel for all involved. My mom ran over a homeless woman who was running away from a fight with her boyfriend one evening. The woman survived, but my mom found it shattering. 


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I live in Syracuse for grad school - last night there was a glaze on the roads and I-690 is not super well lit around there. Sad situation, but Jim probably didn't do anything explicitly wrong.


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His car was in the road...the other passengers got out and made it to safety. Boeheim must've saw the car late...went to avoid it and hit this guy who was in the middle of the road, leaving his car, but not yet with the other passengers.

PLEEEASE slow WAAAAY down if you ever come across something like this. But I don't think Coach is at fault on this one.


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This sucks full ass...  I feel bad for everyone involved as it was clearly an unintended tragedy.  All it takes is a moment of inattentiveness, and the deed is done.  Virginia has a relatively new law that says drivers must move over a lane away from any parked car, or slow down to 45 while passing if they can't move over.  It's a good law, but one that is rarely followed.  As often as not, I see cars passing something on the shoulder while driving right on the shoulder lane marker.  Not even sliding left in their own lane.

I sincerely hope Boeheim wasn't hugging the lane marker on whichever side the crashed vehicle was on.  But I also know that he had absolutely no intention of bringing harm to anyone.  Just guys trying to get home, and tragedy strikes.  Sad all around...

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One account I read states that the car in front of Boeheim's vehicle swerved or otherwise moved out of the way to avoid the pedestrian, so it's also possible that Boeheim just didn't have time to react to seeing someone standing in the middle of the highway. 

Similar thing happened to me once in college. Took a spring break trip out east. On the drive back one night on the highway in PA, I had to swerve out of the way to avoid a completely dead car (no hazards, poorly lit section of highway, car had dark paint) in the middle of the highway. Since this was 1996 and none of us had cell phones, we pulled over at the next exit and called 911 to report a dead vehicle in the middle of the highway. They told us that's not an emergency, but they'd inform the right people :P

Booted Blue in PA

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So sad....   


there was a guy wearing all dark clothes walking on the shoulder of the road a couple nights go, scared the shit out of me when I saw him not more than 20 yards in front of my car, I was going between 45 and 50 mph.

Wolverine In Iowa 68

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The report I read was that Boeheim was trying to avoid the crashed vehicle when he hit the man who was outside of the car.  He went immediately to the police and has been cooperating.  Nothing in his system, just a horrible tragedy all around.


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Many years ago, my J.V. baseball coach struck and killed a 10-year-old boy who was playing along the side of a road. Coach wasn't speeding, driving recklessly, or under the influence. The boy was playing with some friends, simply jumped out of a ditch where he was hiding, and went right into the car's path. The coach had no time to react.

Witnesses cleared the coach of any wrongdoing, but it haunted him for the rest of his life.

A story with nothing but victims.


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I changed a flat tire on the left shoulder of I-96 in Detroit about 15 years ago with traffic blowing by me at 75mph. I told myself I'd never do something that stupid again and that was before rampant texting and driving.