OT: Jeff Moss trolls Tigers writers (with help from Sour Shoes)

Submitted by Ronnie Kaye on July 25th, 2015 at 4:56 PM

I know he's a controversial figure but I thought this was pretty damn funny. He got the Howard Stern impressionist "Sour Shoes" to call the News' Lynn Henning and the Freep's Anthony Fenech, pretending to be Mad Dog Russo. Thinking they were on Russo's radio show, Sour Shoes eventually asks them embarrassing questions about things from horrible takes to lewd personal conduct in their pasts.


The clips are broken off from the main podcast. The good stuff is on Henning, Part 3 and Fenech, Part 2. The impression of Mad Dog is dead on.








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Jeff Moss seems to get off on tearing down people who, to him, are relative strangers. His obsession with Anthony Fenech is particularly troubling.

He sort of masks it in a facade of media reporting, which is what I guess makes it acceptable to some people? Either way, I was pretty disappointed to see Brian hopping on a podcast with him last year.

Ronnie Kaye

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Kind of hard to have sympathy for Fenech. On the call, he says people are "jealous" of him for being in the spotlight. He makes maybe 35k a year in a dying industry, wow. An old article linked to this podcast also showed his sexual harrassing messages he sent in college. Dude is a creep.

rob f

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somewhat OT, but I just saw something interesting when I tuned into FoxSportsDetroit to check on the Tigers @ Red Sox game. 

Alan Trammell is back on the field for Detroit---wearing the wrong #, though.  It seems weird to see the #4 on his back,  but the #3 now belongs to Ian Kinsler.  Maybe some day they'll retire the #'s 1 and 3 for Lou Whitaker and Trammell, once the Veteran's Committee sets things straight and enshrines the pair into Baseball's HOF, doing what the writers negligently failed to do.

Tram is coaching 1st Base for the Tigers this weekend and part of the coming week, as Omar Vizquel is on bereavement leave.  Vizquel won't be with the Tigers for several days as he is in Venezuela, his father passed away early Saturday morning.

BTW, the Tigers lead Boston right now 5-1 heading to the bottom of the 7th.   The bullpen hasn't been called upon to screw things up yet, as The Big Pasta has pitched pretty well so far.


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His podcast with Gregg Henson is great too. I would like to see those two on the radio. 97.1 & 105.1 have some weak radio hosts. Art Regner and Sean Baligen deserve spots too.


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Henson is good, but Moss is a total asshole. That last podcast where he takes personal shots (joking about suicide) at Chris McCoskey completely crossed the line.

I agree with you on Regner, it's a shame that he no longer hosts the Red Wings post-game show. Used to listen to it all the time, but since they replaced him with Riger and Caputo it's just awful.


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Sour shoes is a generational talent. His impressions and material are so spot on and so is his knowledge of obscure sports and music facts. If someone was able to harness his power and guide him, he'd be a household name across the planet.

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When the Detroit News ran off Tom Gage, they got rid of the wrong Tiger writer. 

Lynn Henning has been a whiny pussy for years. To make his comments this week about David Price, and then for Price to rip him about 3 new assholes, was priceless. Let us also look back for a moment:

1) He wanted the Tigers to release Jhonny Peralta because he had a bad first week to his first training camp after he signed an extension here. Yes. Release him. Right after we gave him a contract extention. On about the 11th of March. 

2) Then he was convinced in 2005 that the Tigers were 5-10 years away from even being competitive. Meaning, get to .500 or above. 

3) Last spring he uttered the mind-boggling prediction that Joba Chamberlain would get at least a $50 million contract this past off-season. We see how well that went. 

4) And his constant whining about the fences at Comerica Park, apparently thinking it should be about 325 feet in the power alleys and about 360 to dead center, is old and tiresome as well. He's only carried on about that for 15 years now. 

5) Every week he raves about just how good the Tiger farm system is. After all, little Johnny Ditchdigger in single-A got 4 hits in a game this week! He's red-hot!!!! And then you look at the guy's totals and he's hitting about .221 for the year. Never fails. 

Lynn Henning is a horrible writer who should not be employed by the Detroit News. There is no reason to feel sorry for him. Given the way he treats his readers who disagree with him, he gets what he deserves. 


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I had never visited that detroitsportsrag site before.... but they seriously still have an Arizona logo on there? That was multiple coaching changes ago at this point.