OT - Jason Hanson calls it quits after 21 seasons

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After 21 years (all amazingly with the Lions), Jason Hanson is finally hanging it up.  It was a heck of a run.  If there was one (positive) thing us Lions fans could count on over the years, it was him.  What incredible loyalty to go along with pure class and talent.  The NFL will miss him.




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As a mid-20 something Lions fan, Jason Hanson was the last little bit left of the Lions of my childhood.  It's a shame the Lions never got him to the Superbowl, and it's going to be weird watching someone else kick field goals next season.  


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I'm right there with ya.  Being in my late 20's, I honestly don't remember watching Lions football without Jason Hanson being on the team.  It'll definitely be a little surreal watching them this year.  

Maybe we go after Maher in the draft.  We need a punter and kicker, and he could possibly fill one or the other (I feel so dirty and guilty talking about someone else so soon).


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It's too bad the Lions played hardball with him.  I'm not sure I totally believe the heel explanation - why would he have said "I'm coming back" a month or two ago otherwise?  I consider it another strike on the organization.

It's funny - I've seen uncountable numbers of players, coaches, and managers come and go since I started following Detroit sports, and yet only two Lions kickers.  Not seeing Jason Hanson doing the kicking will feel very wrong.  21 years is an incredible run, and being as he spent it all in Detroit he's not going to get his due as one of the greatest kickers of all time.

Unfiltered Manball

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awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  As a Lion for his entire, long career, he was loyal and productive during some of the worst teams in NFL history.  May he enjoy a well-earned retirement.

Time for the Lions to draft another kicker for the long haul.  We've had only 2 for the last 33 years (Eddie Murray, Hanson).

Nard Dogg

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We went to the same high school an his brother was my homeroom teacher my sophomore year. I used to watch him practice during the summers at a local college. Classy guy all the way around and always made time for people. It's cliche but true: he was one if the good guys in sports.


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- 1992 Pro Football Writers' Association Offensive Rookie Of The Year

- Twice a Pro Bowl selection in 1997 and 1999

- Three times, an All-Pro selection in 1993, 1997 and 1999

- Pro Football Writers' Association Golden Toe Award in 2008

- Ed Block Courage Award in 2010

Hanson also retires holding multiple NFL records, including these:

- Most FGs more than 40 yards (189)

- Most FGs more than 50 yards (51)

- Most career games with one team (237)

- Second player in the NFL to score 200 or more points against three teams (Packers, Bears and Vikings). 

Good luck in your post-football life, Jason Hanson. You will be missed on the field. 


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but there are plenty of great people who are Lions fans so he was certainly one of the few Lions of the past two decades who was consistently appreciated, and he deserved that appreciation and then some.


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I'm a Lions fan.  But I've always had this idea that a lawyer could get a lot of money by gathering a bunch ex-Lions players together and filing a class action lawsuit against the Lions for ruining their careers...or at least for money they lost from endorsements, etc because they played for Detroit!!

If anyone runs with this idea and gets rich...give me a cut?  

At any rate, incredible loyalty Jason for sticking with us.

rob f

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There has been something comforting, for so many years (as I've watched the turmoil that always seems to be present with the Lions), to see Jason Hanson trotting out on to the field, whether to kick off, for PAT's, or for field goals. He was just....always there. Always dependable. Always that weapon that, while we didn't want to "settle for", we knew we could always chalk up 3 points when the Lions couldn't punch it into the end zone. Because we could count on Jason to do that for us. Never flamboyant, never a distraction to the rest of his team, but always there. How many teammates did he outlast? How many coaches and Head Coaches did he outlast? How many GM's did he outlast? The only thing he didn't outlast was the Ford Family itself (which, in itself, seems to be a shame).

We'll miss you, Jason, next fall when the Honolulu Blue and Silver take the field. Thank you for being that rock of stability, while you kicked that oblong "rock" so well for so long. Thanks, Jason!


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the Lions have had two kickers, Eddie Murray and Jason Hanson.


Jason missed kicking for Washington State in Michigan Stadium by one year at the front and two years at the back of his time in Pullman.




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Class guy all the way. Maybe he deserved better than to play with the Lions all these years, but I'd bet he'd say he enjoyed it and felt lucky to be with a single team that long.


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Before Hanson, they had Eddie Murray for about 11 years.  For a team that has been the worst franchise in the NFL ever since WCF took over in 1959, or at least since he bought the team in 1964, the Lions have certainly gotten it right when drafting kickers.


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Hanson should be in the HOF but he wont because he played for the Lions.  I used to love the Lions as a kid....now I fucking hate them and every imbecile connected with their management...from the old man to the silver spoon son...to the alkie president...to the clueless GM and overmatched head coach... a bunch of fucking bafoons.

Best of Luck to Jason Hanson...a true class act.


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I remember when the Lions got Hanson some idiot column writer tried to say that Hanson would last less than 3 years in the NFL because of the way his hips swing when he kicks the ball.  He said that it would result in injuries too often and that Hanson would have to stop playing football.  21 years later Hanson retires as one of the greatest Lions ever.  You will be missed, Jason!