OT: Jamie Dixon gets....a Contract Extension?

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This is slightly surprising.



 “Very few programs can match the sustained success that Pitt basketball has achieved during the past decade under Jamie Dixon,” Pederson said. “As we move forward as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, our future has never been brighter or provided more opportunity. In order to maintain and build upon our past success, it was important to our university and athletic department that we make a strong long-term commitment to Jamie. He has been far more than a basketball coach at Pitt and we are fortunate to have such a high-caliber person representing our university. 


Look, I get that the guy has Beilein-esque qualities as a mentor and advocate for the University, but....I wonder what Mark May has to say about all this.





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Ben Howland took Pitt to the Sweet 16 2 years in a row before he left for UCLA. Dixon kept it going and they will compete in the ACC.

Hate to see what some of you say about Beilein.

Dixon missed the NCAA's once in 10 years. 2 Sweet 16's and an Elite 8 on his resume. That's not too bad.


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Great facilities (on campus, unlike football), very good student support, recent history of success, they'll be recruiting to the ACC, ect. Maybe Pitt couldn't pull Brad Stevens, but it's a destination job unless you're looking to go to a real blue blood program like Howland did.


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This is a good move for two reasons:

1.  It reminds the media that they are not employed in the human resources department at Pitt.

2.  It tells recruits that they will play for the coach they sign with if they go to Pitt.


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I still think hes a great coach playn in the best conference over the past 10 years. Hell be fine in the ACC. 2023 is a little suprising though


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Definitely a great move by Pitt. Yes he's had a couple rough early exits but he's really sustained the program and built them to be very competitive each year. I'll be interested to see how the fmr Big East teams do in the ACC.


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few openings in the coming weeks.

Holland is perhaps gone at UCLA; maybe Texas; maybe Virginia; obviously Northwestern. I think most guys did just enough at the better schools to kee their jobs.


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I think he is a very good coach. Maybe not an elite coach but still, considering where Pitt was before Howland and where they are now, I think it's a good move and shows stability within the program as they move into the ACC. Keep in perspective where M was just a few years back. I would have embraced that sort of success.


March 24th, 2013 at 11:38 AM ^

Not sure why people are paying any attention to the length of the contract. A contract is only as long as the buyout is large. They can extend him to infinity and beyond but if his buyout remains the same then they really aren't any more committed than they were before. This is just a generic public relations move for recruiting purposes and to stifle rumors that he is on a heat seat because of another poor tourney performance. It's all lawyerable anyway.

snarling wolverine

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College coaches have way too much leverage.  They sucker their ADs into giving them extensions with prohibitive buyouts even when they have disappointing seasons.  Tubby Smith did the same at Minnesota last year.  And then they became bulletproof simply because it becomes too expensive to fire them.  The fans end up losers in all of it.  They can be either stuck watching a crappy coach who's too expensive to fire, or seeing jacked-up ticket prices to cover the cost of the last coach's buyout.