OT: It looks like the statue is coming down today

Submitted by buckeyeh8er on July 22nd, 2012 at 7:08 AM

ESPN just showed police and a construction crew around the Joe Pa statue.  It looks like the statue will be coming down very soon. 



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As well it should.

This is the first step of many that Penn State must take voluntarily or public pressure will cause other sanctioning bodies to take it for them. 

For anyone associated with PSU, this process is a bad dream that will replay itself for a long time to come as the criminal cases are tried/plea bargained and the civil suits resolved.  Depending upon how deep the university is willing to go in terms of writing checks, this sordid tale could take a couple of years to run its course.


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it took this long.  If this was considered a "tough decision" then they are in for a very long rebuilding.  I think the BOT should give themselves the death penalty without delay.  This will give teams time to schedule other opponents, although this year might be too late.

I have said previously that if PSU football gets the death penalty, I will donate $100 to the PSU softball team.

ESPN just reported the statue is down and the NCAA will hand out "unprecedented penalties".   Looks like the death penalty is coming.


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I wouldn't be surprised if PSU made the decision awhile ago.  They just wanted to wait for the kids to be distracted so they could grab it without having morons chaining themselves to it and the like.  Plus likely had to bid the job out to a nonlocal crew to prevent leaks and all that.  


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Penn State president Rod Erickson said he decided to have the statue removed and put into storage because it "has become a source of division and an obstacle to healing." - from the article

That, right there. As long as it stood, it would be rather impossible for that campus to move forward, and it would have simply continued to serve as a reminder of what can happen when one person or program is allowed to become so large that basic humanity becomes secondary to the stated goal, which in the case of Penn  State was "victory with honor". In the end, they failed to achieve that - quite miserably actually. To  that end, the statue symbolizes something that was illusory and there is no point to its presence now. 


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Wait, wait....  He took it down because it "has become a source of division and an obstacle to healing."?  

These assholes still don't get it.

The reason the statue needs to come down is because Paterno covered for a child molester, not because it's a source of division and obstacle to healing.  

The way the ESPN article read, it also sounds like this could be temporary, that the statue could be put back on display at some point.  Also his name will remain on the library.  

They really just don't get it.  


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They are starting to distance themselves from JoePa. This is a huge statement really. The symbolism is enormous. It's the right thing to do, but you know fans will protest, bitch and moan, and threaten to "boycott" Penn State games.


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It's a somber day at Penn State. To hell with Penn State. This is a victory for all the victims. Many are still protecting the villains in this scandal. So sad for who? Not one tear should be shed today for Penn State, Joe Paterno and all the rest who covered up and supported the crimes. When is the media going to get it. I am elated for the victims who won a very small victory today. This lets them believe that their cause and their pain is being heard and that some damn athletic program is bigger or more important than they are.


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"no coach is more important than the team". This is what happens when people don't pay attention.

1 = the number of times they needed to do the right thing to have prevented this.


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I have a feeling they are "placing it in a secure location" so they can bring it back out at some point.  They should destroy it right now.  They are being cowardly by leaving themselves an out.  Seems like they are hoping they can bring it back out in a few years when they think things have died down.  Why else wouldnt you just destroy it?  Also, they are keeping his name on the library, citing his significant financial contributions.  That library was payed for with dirty money.  They are only taking a half measure when a full measure is due.  Storing the statue and continuing to honor Paterns legacy continues to show the country how out of touch and blind they are.  The families of the victims and the Feds and the NCAA are not going to care that they took a statue and stuck it in a room somewhere.  Actually, the NCAA might, just because I remain unconvinced they will do much of anything.


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They still have the Paterno library, and I am certain have told alumnus that the statue will be back. I just can't fathom how their logic is working. They must be kicked out if the big ten. They will not sadly because of $.

Louie C

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This is exactly why they should be slapped with the death penalty. Their indignation throughout this whole thing just proves that they don't get it. At this point, I don't care how the death penalty affects the university as a whole because they still seem to have their heads up their asses over there.


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Less than a week ago, PSU said they wouldn't take it down out of fear of angering alumni.  Wonder what finally made them come to their senses now. 

Either way, this has still been embarrassing for the conference and I still want them out. 

I would also wonder how the Paterno family is going to respond to this but they're probably too busy working with their investigator to debunk what they won't accept in the Freeh report.


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From  the Huffington Post:


"We believe the only way to help the victims is to uncover the full truth." -  from the statement

You know, I read that and thought to myself, "If only someone had bothered to tell the truth years ago..." The entire statement really makes me think that this family has this particular image of Joe Paterno and they will not consider new information for years if ever. Interestingly, they do say that it is not the University's responsibility to defend or protect Joe Paterno, and in this they are correct - in a way, the removal of the statue is the beginning of a slow abdication of that responsibility. 


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But I work in media and a CBS news wire just came through indicating "unprecedented" penalties for penn state and that the source has "never seen anything like it".

Sounds like penn state is going to get hit HARD tomorrow morning by the NCAA.