OT-ish: Reports that Tennessee has fired their AD.

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Just saw a notification that John Currie has been fired after 8 months on the job. Now in addition to a HC they're also on the hunt for a new AD. I hear Dave Brandon might be available!



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gone through ten coaches in their search. The first question the next guy asks is: "Do you even have the authority to hire me?" Everybody's reading can use a soundtrack to go with that popcorn:


Meanwhile in Tallahassee, it's being suggested that a player revolt is underway, with players insisting they'll transfer if Fisher stays. Not sure how much credence to give this, but there is serious resentment at this stage. . . 




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..history with coaches from the late Carr era, to RichRod, to Hoke, to Harbaugh and with the ADs during the same time period. 

Both schools have rich football traditions, high performance standards, lofty fan expectations, big stadiums, loyal followings, and have a hard time getting it 'right'.  

The Harbaughnger

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At some point, even Hoke has to wonder if it's a good idea to stick around...right?

If I'm him, I'm already looking for the first decent DC opening, and then:

A) Privately using as leverage to get a semi long-term deal at UT (Read: anything slightly better than ‘interim’)


B) Jumping ship the moment UT shows signs of anything short of said semi long-term deal

Occam's Razor

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Here's the best part tho... He apparently "went rogue" and almost salvaged everything by hiring Mike Leach. 

Phil Fulmer backstabbed him in the AD and nixed the deal so that he could take over himself. (Johnny Majors flashbacks anyone?) 

So now UT could've had Leach, but instead fired Currie. This tells me the Haslems don't want Leach and made a powerplay with Fulmer bahahahaha. 

Hole just keeps getting deeper. 


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Wow, the prejudice here and in the post upstream is just dripping. And shocking. 

IF this is true of the Mannings (and there's not a lot of evidence cited here) that necessarily has nothing to do with the rather large group of people known as "Southerners." It is neither caused by that group of people, nor does it necessarily reflect upon them. 

It is not appropriate to stereotype and generalize entire groups of people in such a demeaning way. 


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My wife -- who spent a decade in Atlanta -- has a phrase: "Raised right in the south."  What she means by that is southerners are raised to abide by a code of manners and behavior.  That's a good thing.

But southerners are people, just like the rest of us, and have human failings.  That includes carrying a grudge, and getting revenge.  They do that under the umbrella of their manners.  That's the thing alluded to by me and the post above.

Other parts of the country do the same things, but with less manners.

My experience from spending the last two summers in rural West Virginia also suggest there's a component linked to tight-community protection.  That's more common in the south where families tend to stay and grow as a community.  Outsiders are kept at arms-length.  And they are very protective of their own. They're polite about it, but it's definitely present.

These are just observations of reality.  


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This is a much better way to phrase things:

But southerners are people, just like the rest of us, and have human failings. That includes carrying a grudge, and getting revenge. They do that under the umbrella of their manners. That's the thing alluded to by me and the post above.

I think that's a less stereotyped way of presenting something. The post above yours, and your previous post, are both much harsher and much more generalized in the way that they assign negative attributes to southerners in particular. 

Such flippancy would not be accepted if it were referring to other generalized regional or ethnic groups. 

As a resident of Minnesota for 8.5 years, btw, I still haven't quite mastered what "Minnesota Nice" means. Other than that people are generally reserved but coolly polite here. But I'm not in the Twin Cities, either.


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Yes because southern Americans need to be talked about in the same way as other ethnic groups because they've faced the same hardships yes??? Just cut the shit and stop it with this nonsense. Acting like southern people are some aggrieved class of people. You're usually a good poster but you dip into nonsense like this too frequently.


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A Southern can be of European, African, and Asian in origin.

Other ethnic groups? Southerners are not an ethnic group.

The history of the Sourh involves a lot of misery a large portion of which was visited upon people of African descent. But even poor whites have plenty of grievances.


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I live in the Charleston area of WV and have spent a good bit of time in the rural parts as well. What part were you in?

As a previous resident of TN(8 years) and currently WV(13 years), I can agree that there is a surface of manners and hospitality.  But, under that, is a quickness to assume the worst intentions and to behave as rude as any other culture but behind your back.  In my opinion it is worse to pretend to be nice and actually be the opposite of your pretense.

My wife(who is from Parkersburg, WV) and I have been told numerous times, "well you are northerners. We can't expect you to understand."


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I live in the South (and have lived in the midwest, west, and east). Southerners may be a little less likely to call you an a**hole to your face, but when it comes to backstabbing. . . pretty universal trait. 

I get that Southerners like blondes are about the only people left that you can--sometimes--get away with stereotyping so baldly, but that shit don't pass muster. 


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My wife is from the south.  They culturally tend to handle things in a passive-aggressive manner. 

That's what they learn.

They won't get in your face from the get-go like a New Yorker will.

But it all ends up in the same place. 

When they are mad, you will still know it.

It's not that they are not mad, they just handle it differently.


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If he had won, they would’ve had to figure out a way to make the trophy a likeness of a guy sticking his junk in a victim’s face and then spending the next 20 years ensuring her career is tanked. Such an asshole. Can’t believe he still gets endorsements. It also sounds like UT’s culture is a fucking wreck even after 20 years.