OT-ish - Iconic Sports Calls of the last 25 years

Submitted by JeepinBen on May 7th, 2014 at 12:15 PM

So all across my twitter feed today there have been pictures of one quite iconic call from 25 years ago on this date:

Shot on Ehlo.... GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!

If you didn't picture Jordan's jump and fistpump, you haven't been paying attention. What other calls stand out to you in the last 25 years? Any Michigan related? One that sticks in my brain is "GALLON, they left him alone!" It always amazes me how hearing radio and/or TV calls can bring one back to exactly where they were the moment they heard it.



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quite critical, some of you.  IMO, I think that using your dad's line is perfectly acceptable.  I thought it was cool for him to think of it in that moment.  And I like Joe Buck.  He's no Keith Jackson, but who is?  Joe is steady Eddie...but hey, everyone has their opinions. 


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I was THERE.  I have never heard an arena go from so completely insane (we had just hit a shot to put the Cavs up by one seconds earlier) to so completely quiet so fast.  Nobody said a word and nobody spoke on the way out either.  

People were in complete shock.



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As I clicked on this topic and started reading, I had a number of calls going through my head. Then I read further to the Ehlo call and my heart just sank.  Agree that this was the shot that made MJ.  Cavs had some very, very good teams over the years, but could never get by the Bulls.  Sigh.  I've heard people tell me the same thing about the silence that mGrowOld mentioned and that it was surreal.

Scrolling further down, "Hello Heisman" picked me back up, though.


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There is one that sticks in my mind that most folk around here probably don't mind:

"Bad call! Bad call!" - Dan Fouts, 2002 National Championship game.

Bias aside, I've seen way worse PI not called (including some in the very same game) so I am not saying Fouts isn't allowed to disagree with the call but he damn near sounded like he was announcing the game for The U's radio network.


"Holy Buckeye" against Purdue from Musberger was pretty cool.


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"The 1-0, Swing and a flyball! Left Field! It's Deep! IT'S WAY BACK! THE TIGERS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERRRIESSS!" -Dan Dickerson calling Magglio's 2006 ALCS Walkoff Homerun, still gives me goosebumps to this day.


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Johnny Wangler....to Anthony Carter.... will be heard.... until another 100 years of Meechigan Football is played. 

Fortunately I didn't hear this one live from my old man's seats in the South endzone.


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I did (unfortunately).  The Indiana game looked to be a crappy blow-out going in so me and some buddies went up to CMU for a party Friday night and I was driving back on 23 when the play occurred.  They funny thing was that for a LONG time I had no idea what had happened (other than it was something good) because Ufer got so excited you really cant tell what's going on for a while.

The very cool think though I remember is that all the cars around me started honking their horns at the same time.  Everybody driving down 23 into AA was yelling and honking their horns so if you didnt have the game on (and most of us did apparently) you would have no clue what was getting everybody so excited.


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Ufer's extemporaneous commentary after the play  is a broadcating masterpiece that should put a chill up & down the spine of anyone who considers themselves a Michigan fan.I failed in my attempt to link it here but I urge anyone who hasn't heard it to go to you tube and treat yourself.


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"A 45 yard gift from footballs  valhalla."                                                                                         


"There not even going to try to attempt the extra point.Who cares?Who gives a damn?           

"Bo Schembechler is looking up and saying thank you Fielding Yost for that one."                     

"Look at those Wolverines,they're picking up Carter,KIng Carter."                                           

"Johnny Wangler to Anthony Carter will be heard until another hundred years of Michigan football will be played."

Only Ufer could come up with so many memorable lines like that totally off the cuff.


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One of my favorites is the Notre Dame radio call of the huge pass to Jeremy Gallon (it was Gallon right?). The call was along the lines of "and oh my Gallon is wide open." The pure deflation in his voice was amazing. Anybody have a link to that call? Now I wanna hear it.


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I'm a fan of Howie Rose's call when the Rangers beat the Devils in the 94 playoffs.

"Matteau! Matteau!  Matteau!  Stephane Matteau!  And the Rangers have one more hill to climb baby and its Mount Vancouver!

Always sounded like he was saying My Toe! My Toe! 


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My dad and I listened to a whole lot of Cubs radio and Pat Hughes and Ron Santo were just great together. When I hear any of those classic calls it transplants me to the car with my dad, good times.

Also, the new color guy is also named Ron, so it's once again the "Pat & Ron" show... but it's not the same as having an incredible fan and homer in the booth.


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How about two on one play:

NBC broadcast: "And off to the races, to the 40, Denard Robinson races into the endzone."

Brandy: "And there not going to catch him, Denard Robinson, shoelaces flapping in the wind."


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Just before the Woodson return:

"Oh my goodness look at this. He runs Woodson all the way back to the 22 yard line."

"Touchdown. No flags." 

David Boston staring out onto the field like an asshole.


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Anything Keith Jackson said, ever. 

But specifically, I love his exchange with Griese after Michigan won the '98 Rose Bowl. How awesome to hear him say, "And the MVP of the Rose Bowl..you wanna know who it is, I'm standing alongside his proud Daddy....I don't blame you, you wanna cry, you go ahead, I'll hold you up...you guys got me crying.