OT-ish: Ann Arbor Pioneer First HS to Produce Two Super Bowl Coaches?

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Would love to get the data on this from someone who knows, but Jim played QB his sohmore year before his dad go the gig at Palo Alto.  John played baseball for PiHi - what other high school can brag like AA Pi Hi this week?  



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Depends what you mean by "produce."  Jim Harbaugh graduated from high school in Palo Alto, California after Jack Harbaugh left UM and coached at Stanford.  Jim did attend Pioneer as a "freshman" -- i.e. 10th grade.  (Pioneer was a 3-year school back then.)  Jim might have still been at Pioneer his junior year -- I'm not sure -- but he didn't graduate from Pioneer.

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I didn't know that Jim graduated from Palo Alto. It makes more sense to me now why he coached at Stanford and then decided to take the 49ers job. I didn't realize he had already had bay area roots.


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I think the 49ers were the only team with a vacancy that was worth coaching at the time, with the only possible exception being Denver. The other openings were Dallas, Minnesota, Carolina, Cleveland, Oakland, and Tennessee.

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Not really true, he coached the University of San Diego for 3 years from 2004-2006. The 49ers job made sense for several reasons, he didn't have to relocate, they had a decent team and a good history, and they offered him a good contract. 


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Both Iggy Pop and Bob Seger were at Pioneer at the same time too. Seger was a couple of years ahead of Ig. Still...not many high schools have TWO rock and roll legends among their alums. 


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Im an 83 Hi school grad and played football at Pioneer.  Jim was a year ahead of me and John graduated with my sister.  Andy Moeller was initially a QB who siwtched to LB after a knee injury.  Also there were the Minick boys, dad was Wash. Sheriff and jeff Minick played U of M baseball.  Also on the team was Mark Bostic, younger brother of Keith Bostic, and Mark played basketball at U. of San Diego. 


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I was PiHi 82 and Jim was an incredible athlete & arrogant ass. In addition to John Harbaugh (80) and Andy Moeller (82), there was also Franz Harary (80) who performed at a Super Bowl halftime!


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hard to imagine that pioneer high school had much to do with the harbaugh's success.

short time at that high school

other important factors: dad is a successful college coach,  both exposed to other coaches in high school, college and nfl,  jim played football at a high level