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Starting tonight and ending tomorrow, thousands across the world will be participating in 25 hours of silence to end the war on child soldiers in Central Africa (manily Congo, Sudan, and Uganda). For the last 25 years, rebel leader Joseph Kony and the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) have been abducting children from the homes and turning them into child soldiers. Thousands of children have been abducted and that number will continue to rise unless this war is brought to an end. Therefore, inorder to both raise awareness and attempt to put an end to this war, over 25,000 will be silent for 25 hours - to speak out without speaking for these kids who do not have a voice in our society.

By posting this, I want to do my part to raise awareness to those in the mgoblog community. This is a great organization fighting for a great cause. Check out the video below to learn more about the organization and event.




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I really want to make a joke about all the "child soldiers" I've demolished in Halo, but I'm not sure this is the time.  That aside, I saw the Invisible Children video while at UM and it's some serious stuff.  Thanks for the PSA.


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I saw this movie a few years ago and was really moved.  This is a huge injustice and the documentary these guys made is very powerful.  Thanks for continuing to raise the awareness. 

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As a friend of IC employees, I echo the OP's sentiments.  IC is an incredible group that does a ton of good.  If you haven't seen the original documentary, do so.  Moreover, the videos that accompany bracelet sales are very well done.  They portray the stories of different children that have been affected by the war, from young girls who were raped, became pregnant, and now have HIV, to small children who have lost both of their parents and now must take care of their younger siblings.

Gut wrenching, but important to see.  Thanks for posting.