OT: Ingram hurt in practice...

Submitted by cincyflintstone on August 31st, 2010 at 12:25 PM
I don't have any links to confirm but just got a text (he is my cousin) that he got horse collared in practice and he tore his miniscus. Out around 4 weeks...



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doesn't really count as an OSU fan. He is witty, intelligent, and generally likable. I believe he was scooped up from a bassinet in Ann Arbor by a passing eagle at the age of 6 months and inadvertently dropped somewhere in the wastelands between Akron and Columbus.


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kids leaving early for the NFL but I really felt his stock was at a max last year.

I really applaud him for staying though.  Particularly given the history with his dad.

I hope it works out for him both from a busness/career and personal standpoint.


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Well despite the inside info from the OP here, Saban is keeping this bottled up tight. 

He is making it sound like he will almost certainly be healthy for PSU game, which seems unlikely. 

Saban's comments also seem to be trying to protect Ingram's draft stock, saying that it will not effect his ability to perform in the future. 

But in today's information age, there is no way that the truth won't come out eventually.

Either way, I wish him a speedy recovery. 


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I'm sure he'll be back for the beginning of SEC play, and I think Bama has enough to beat this PSU team with Ingram.  I always thought that he won the Heisman in no small part because his offensive line was beastly, and Richardson should enjoy similar success while filling in.


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Its scary when a team loses a Heisman winner and its no big deal.  I'd kill for that problem at Michigan lol.  Bama is stacked.  They will dominate PSU in every phase, then hopefully Joe Paterno steps down before he actually dies on the sidelines.