OT- The Importance of Complying with Rules

Submitted by BiSB on February 23rd, 2010 at 5:12 PM

Sven Kramer of the Netherlands, the heavy favorite in the 10K speed skating event, was in the final pairing. He crossed the finish line well ahead of the best time previously posted.

But he forgot to change lanes during one of the last few laps, and was subsuently disqualified.


(Why? What did you think I was talking about?)



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but "lane" is defined by the NCAA as:

"The area in which the skater shall remain, as indicated by the markers as shall be designated by the appropriate officials, unless and until such time as the skater shall be deemed to have changed to to another lane (as defined by this section), in which case the skater shall remain in said lane until required to leave such lane by aforementioned officials. No skater shall skate in more than one lane at any time, or to skate in any other than the proper lane necessary for purposes of maintining correct lane assignments. For further clarification, see also sections 12.1.3, 12.1.5, and 12.1.8-12.1.11."


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That rule is not arbitrary or vague like many NCAA rules. Sven should have been aware of the rule and the potential consequences for violation. In this case, the rules are vague and have rarely, been enforced, so it is difficult to know what the rules means or how they will be enforced.


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This might help, too:


Seriously, I had no idea there were so many Boy Scouts on this site. By that I mean people with a naive, black 'n white view of the world. There hasn't been much demonstrated appreciation of the big picture with all these alleged rule violations. Not exactly Ed Martin material...


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RR must be fired. He broke the rules and has made michigan look bad. I think this is the final nail in the coffin. He has brought negativity from day 1 to the football program. He needs to be fired and we need to move on. We deserve a better coach and a better person. I wish brandon would have disposed of RR today so we could have started looking for a new coach. RR has disrespected every player and coach who has ever been involed with the team. If Bo was alive he would be so mad that his team, michigan has major violations.