OT?: IMG 7 on 7, cool story bro.

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I had a great time this past weekend at IMG, I didn't really get to mingle much with the players this time.  Weinke and Cam Newton were more accessible and we talked about random stuff during the breaks.  IMG is going to have a killer High School team.  



60 Minutes was there along with every sports related media outfit in existence.  60 Minutes is doing a story on 7 on 7 in general and the predicted explosion of this as a mainstream sport.


Press release from the event.


More press





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Where's the cool story, bro?  I'd actually be interested in hearing your account of the event.  You didn't really give us much. 


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So there was a kid/player who kept taunting Cam.  He was from a Florida team (Miami I think), anyway he kept calling Cam out, doing a Gator Chomp (not sure why) etc...until finally Cam walked over to him (mid game) and I couldn't hear the entire conversation but the jist of it was .. there are many people here watching you, your recruiting "stock" is not helped by acting like a jerk.


Wienke also shared some college/pro stories about teammates etc..nothing earth shattering, just "hey, this one guy used to ...." kind of stuff.

An intersting tidbit, the Florida recruiting guy for 247 sports, is the guy that assembles the Team Tampa roster.  So, it works pretty well for him, he selects who is on the team, then gets exclusive acces to them all summer to report on.


Also, it was Africa hot.


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Or those who wish that football would stay the way that it is, but also see the mounting societal pressures for football to change the way it operates.  Concussions are no longer the talking point du jour, but I fully expect football to be nearly unrecognizable within 10-20 years.


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I agree,  The expense of the equipment, insurance, travel for 55 vs. 15 and injuries I think will pressure programs/states to move to 7on7 for younger players and only have full contact at he JV/Varsity level.

Just my 2 cents.  

Even in Florida we have school districts limiting the exposure of non-varsity athletes by reducing the number of games and having games WITHOUT kicking.  I did a regular season game last year, JV, with NO KICKING, offense started at the 35, "punts" were 35 yards, automatically.


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I disagree with your first point about youth leagues. If cost hast been a problem before its not going to be now. And bad injuries are much less likely to happen in little kids because they can't hit with the force of a pickup truck. Also, no tackling in youth leagues will just limit the ability to learn proper tackling technique and make injuries in high school more likely.


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I agree with your point on youth leagues.  I guess I was think more of school related programs, Middle School and non-Varsity levels in High Schools.

I don't think the poeple who pay the insurance premiums care if the players are using proper form tackling techniques.


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It is really 7 (defense) vs. 6 (offense).  Great for summer work....I'll quit if it replaces real football.  I coach at Lowell.  We just won the University of Pitt 7 on 7.  It was thrilling.