OT - If you live on North Campus, Watch out for...Cougars?

Submitted by M-Wolverine on March 22nd, 2012 at 3:40 PM


Today (8:30am) DPS received a report of a sighting on North Campus of a suspicious animal, described as a possible cougar, near Hubbard Road between Green Road and Stone Drive. Police officers and housing security personnel searched the area but did not find a suspicious animal.


Please take extra precautions if you are in this area, especially with young children and bicyclists. If you observe a suspicious animal, immediately contact University Police at 911 or (734) 763-1131.



So be careful out there...don't get, uh, eaten.



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I'm hoping it's Stifler's mom, but just in case.....

I've spent a fair amount of time in the Aspen area, where there are cougars and bears. Now this is theory - fortunately haven't had to actually try this.....

Should you happen to run into a cougar while walking to the Big House or out chasing Mrs. Stifler, you are supposed to stand up as tall as you can and put your hands up in the air to make yourself look large. Look straight at the cougar. This behaviour is different than what you do with bears, which is to make yourself look smaller and do not look directly into the bear's eyes while slowly walking away.

I don't know what impact the mess in your pants will have. 


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Ya out in the PacNW, cougars and bears are pretty common so you see a lot of information about how to react if you see one. 

If you go backcountry hiking, keep your kids and dogs close. They are easy prey for a cougar.

Also, never ever run. Especially from a cougar. Have you ever seen how a cat acts when something runs away from it? Its game on and you are done for. 



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i know someone who lives close to north campus (north on plymouth a bit, in the georgetown subdivision) who swears she saw a coyote in her back yard. so i wouldn't be surprised if there is some large animal in the area that isn't normally seen in this area of michigan.  i'm not saying they look at all similar, but maybe someone on north campus got their "c" animals mixed up - a coyote seems a lot more likely than a cougar.

Feat of Clay

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You can stay well away from North Campus and still follow all the cougar exploits, seeing as there are no less than four twitter accounts all claiming to be the beast in question.


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The  Chicago Tribune reported that a DNA analysis revealed that the couger originated from Montana or some other western state.  It is amazing the creature roamed so far.  Sad that the couger died, but no tranquilizers were availbable at the time and police believed that human lives were in jeopardy. 

Cougers are in the UP and northern lower peninsua as well, but one in  Ann Arbor seems far fetched, but not impossible.



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Let's have Lloyd Brady take this thing down. He will only be in campus a few more weeks, and I'd love for him to be front page news one more time


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The best way to deal with a cougar situation is to offer a bounty, say $1000 to wound the cougar and $3000 to kill it. Bounties have been used for years for wildlife management in various jurisdictions...Canada, Idaho, New Orleans. Just don't tell the NFL about it!


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Careful. Wouldn't want somebody to "go cougar" on those impressionable young male students on North Campus.

When I was at UM the story was about black panthers in Manchester. Long before the new definition of "cougar" entered the modern lexicon.


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And so goes the last holdout advantage that the Michigan ecology had over the California ecology.  "At least you won't get eaten by a big cat" no more.


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This thread is a scream! :):):) ... And, Demi Moore is nasty. I mean old, moldy bananas nasty. Even when she was young she was that young, nasty mushroom spore kind of young.