OT: I just moved to Kansas City

Submitted by bouje13 on July 15th, 2013 at 9:21 PM

I just moved out to Kansas City and have seen the spirit club that doesn't seem very active and also the Michigan friendly bar in KC.  I was just wondering if anyone thinks it would be appropriate to have an mgoblog list of fellow fans in your area. Obviously this would be a list that would be voluntary but with the meet-ups that we've had at the big house and other things around AA I thought that it would be nice to be able to find other Michigan fans out in the fringe states.  (or anywhere for that matter)






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I just moved back to Ann Arbor 2 weeks ago after 6 years in Kansas City.  I like your idea because it seemed like any kind of organized Michigan fan activities were seriously lacking... even during March Madness.  Yet, you will see people walking around KC with Michigan gear on... so they are there.


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I know there are some Virginians on here! Where are there some bars or restaurants that will have our beloved Wolverines on come Saturdays in the fall? Good luck in KC, buddy.


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we could have our own chapters, and mgoleathers!

But, for serious, I think it would be pretty cool to meet up at the local B-dubs on Saturdays here in Dayton, Oh for big games. My older brother moved to Grand Rapids 5 years ago, and we were the only Michigan fans we knew, so I often find myself celebrating like an idiot infront of Ohio fans now. Anyone that wants to start up a Kettering mgomeet I'll help organize the best I can. I'm a lost lonely soul in a sea of Red on Football Saturdays.


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I have been here about 8 months and would love to find a place to meet up for games the fall. The only issue is I work most Saturdays. Let me know if you have suggestions for places to watch the games.


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We just left KC recently and Fox and Hound was the only Michigan bar we really found, but didn't always have many people there. Nick and Jakes up north is a
good spot if you're close, with a couple good fans around...
We hung a banner at "The Beach" if you're ever out that way.


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I was told that the Fox and Hound in Overland Park, KS at one time was owned by a Michigan alum and Michigan fans would always show up. About 10 years ago I did go and  there were no Michigan fans and the waitress and manager did not know the owner!  I wonder if I went to the wrong F&H


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There are a couple of M places in Seattle, the main one being Buckley's in Belltown.  

I have a kid so I watch most of the games at home, but when I want to go see a game in public my go-to place is Empire Espresso in Columbia City.  One of the owners is a big Michigan guy and it's much more chill than a full-on bar setting, and they do have beer & wine if you need to get a little drink on. 


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Yup, I know about Buckley's. More than going to a Michigan place, though, it would be cool to actually meet-up with fellow MGoBloggers for games and whatnot. Personally, I get more out of discussing the game than being surrounded by raucous drunks.


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20 years ago, someone told be the owner of the Fox and Hound in Overland Park, KS...suburb of KC was owned by a Michigan fan. I went once but there was no Michigan fans there! The best bet is just find a buffalo wild wings with a lot TV's since the locals, KSU, KU, Mizzou and NE will take over all the sports bars.


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I thought I was the only one, not only in this small town but in KS!  Hence my name UM in KS = uminks. I always wear my M cap where ever I go!  I run into most UM fans in the KC area. Never got a go blue here in Topeka! Jerame Tuman is my favorite Michigan player from KS, he grew up near Liberal, KS!


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Seattle here too. Used to like Rocksport, Rockspot, whatever it was in West Seattle. Buckley's too crowded for my taste. Mostly watch from home in Ballard.


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I am in the greater Portland area myself. I have heard the Thirsty Lion in Portland is very Michigan friendly but I have never tried it. Would be cool to meet up for some fall games if there are others around Portland.

Blue in Yarmouth

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I'm in Yarmouth NOva Scotia and know with absolute certainty that I am the only one here. Not only that, there are no sports bars whatsoever, we don't get BTN and it would cost an arm and leg to go watch a game live. I love where I live all year except duirng the college football season!


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Hello, names Chad. Grew up in lower michigan and lived in KC for 4 years now. Funny you bring up Overland Park because I currently reside there. Have not seen many fellow fans around and would love to meet up for a game sometime. I post rarely with time constraints of having a new addition running my life. If you have questions pertaining to the area my email is [email protected]. go blue!