OT: I have a Beautiful Michigan Hockey Jersey that needs a new Home

Submitted by WingsNWolverines on January 27th, 2012 at 3:13 AM

Alas gone are the days of Aaron hockey jerseys and now my Michigan hockey jersey has seen the last of its days. My fellow Mgobloggers I have a beautiful maize Michigan hockey jersey that needs a loving Michigan home by an owner that will love her, wash her and wear her as I did. This Michigan hockey jersey is the exact proud uniform Red's boys wore during the 1996 national championship game against Colorado College. Let me first off say I love this jersey so don't think that I don't but I like to stay on top of the school's sponsorship by purchasing current jerseys made by Adidas. (Even though the hockey ones are made by Reebok.) I just bought on Ebay an Adidas maize diagonal lettering MICHIGAN jersey and that will soon be my new maize jersey. I'm trying to get as much CCHA memos as I can before the conference is gone and if we do win the NCAA title this year then I want my jersey to have the CCHA patch on it. In my opinion the Reebok brand doesn't matter. Adidas is our athletic gear overall therefore it is current.

With that said the jersey is in almost mint condition it's just really old. There is one little error and that is on the left shoulder patch by the V on top the blue block M there is a small (tiny) blue stain very small that has been there since I bought it. I can't remember how that happened but I'm sure bleach or some kind of detergent will take it out. Anyways I'm selling it around 30-40 bucks with free shipping seeing as you'll have to pay shipping costs to the USPS in Hilliard Ohio which I refuse to have happen for any fellow Wolverines. (I get free shipping with FedEx anyways). If anybody is interested please drop me a message at [email protected]



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 Hehe Hilliard :D

 A few friends and I where driving to Willard , ohio from Columbus. We where a little north of Delaware when one of my friends asks where are we going. We told him we'ld been saying we're going to Willard for the last 40 minutes! He gets this look of horror on his face and screams "Willard , i thought you said Hilliard"!

Hilliard 20 minutes away suberb of Columbus

Willard 140 miles away and Podunky

 Que the Cool story bro

Good luck selling your jersey , personally I'd keep it.. good memories and all that

Six Zero

January 27th, 2012 at 8:43 AM ^

of NHL plus a few IHL, AHL, Russian and college jerseys folded away in the basement looking for a home. If anyone's looking to inherit an instant vintage NHL jersey collection (like, a hundred), hit me up. I'll ship off the whole thing for a fair price.

Six Zero

January 27th, 2012 at 9:21 AM ^

Mostly CCM, some Nike, some ProPlayer, some Starter...

Few w/ numbers, many without.  For the most part XXL or XL (sorry, just wore 'em huge).  I'd have to check the list, but I think I had every team at some point except maybe the Hurricanes? Can't be right, there had to be others.

Varying degrees of condition, some mint, some ketchup. I'll try to email anyone who asked either here or twitter, but it may not be today. I didn't wake up anticipating to push these.


Bando Calrissian

January 27th, 2012 at 10:28 AM ^

So...  Let me get this straight.

You want to trade in one of the best jerseys any sports team at this university has ever worn, which are nearly impossible to find now, because you'd rather have $5 worth of nearly-transparent, flimsy Adidas fabric and a 30-cent CCHA patch?

That jersey of yours is a badge of honor.  And you'd rather jettison it for loyalty to "corporate sponsorship."

Come on, man.


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I'm assuming the numbers included in your email address are there to represent Bo's first year as UM head coach and not for other reasons that people use those numbers?
<br>Don't mean to be that guy/have my head in the gutter/etc. but if it is indeed the second reason, it's kind of an oxymoron and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If not, more power to you (and may I recommend throwing in a '19' to avoid confusion?).


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thanks you everyone for the interest! I understand you think I'm crazy for selling this but the truth is I didn't watch Michigan hockey in 1996. I was too little to even play at the time. I'm selling this to somebody that remembers that game and was actually watching it when it happened I only watched it years later. Plus to be honest I've always loved that new maize design better and I'll have better luck customizing it. Can't live in the past.