OT humor : Fan rage at Chelsea builds

Submitted by Zoltanrules on October 5th, 2015 at 11:52 AM

Passion for sport and schaudenfreude knows no boundaries. First off THANK YOU UM coaches for making my weeks happier, full of sunshine and birds chirping, and playing the game of football with some competence we can all be proud of again. Hopefully long gone is the "era of darkness" and we no longer need to have fan rants (see Texas and Nebraska) like this...

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Our programs are quite similar.  They both have large fan bases, large stadiums, storied traditions.  We both have had some rough years with rough coaching choices recently.  Butch is an excellent recruiter and horrible time/game manager and it is questionable how much of a 'coach' he really is.  He is also VERY full of coach-isms, "a game at a time" "Brick by brick" etc etc etc who may be loyal to his staff to a fault.  It'll be interesting if they get a new OC after this season.  For a program that is calling themselves Wide Receiver U, they had a game with 3 passes for 18 yds to all WR's combined!    Fortunately we're pulling ourselves out of the quicksand with Hackett and Harbaugh. 

I agree a home-and-home would be excellent. Especially since we are on the upswing now and they don't have it in their sites.




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I agree with everything he's saying. Idk what the hell happened, we had one of the best seasons in EPL history last year and this year we look like a team that could be scrambling to avoid relegation. I mean we lost to Crystal Palace AT HOME. I mean wtf?!!


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I would love a TWIS for soccer fans. This week would be great for Liverpool and Chelsea. So good. 

"And you lot, who left in the 75th minute should be ashamed!"


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That would be great, but I think Liverpool fans are very happy with the sacking of Rodgers.  I think the Chelsea outrage would be hilarious to see.  Jose Mourinho is a very good manager, but such a pompous douche, that seeing Chelsea in the dumps is really funny, and hearing Jose's excuse after excuse.  When they win, he is the special one, when they lose, he has every excuse in the book.


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Personally I picked Chelsea after the "Which EPL team should you root for thread".  Had me with the Yellow and Blue away kit, the only EPL jersey I own.  The other 12 are international kits.  Liked some of the african ones(I know some were nuts), but a few had subtle designs from puma instead of the insane ones.


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unless you're from that area?

Of course your point is right, Chelsea fans, of which I am one (admittedly a recent addition, just started following the EPL last few years), are spoiled.  On the other hand, and for those who may not be so familiar with whats going on, it would be somewhat akin to the Seattle Seahawks having THE worst defense in the NFL this year.  Its really impossible to understand how their defense got this bad this quickly.  And well Ivanovic is a disaster.


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It looks like between May and now, Chelsea's defenders have aged 10 years a piece.  Ivanovich looks like a shell of his former self.  Costa isn't scoring.  As a Man City fan who has been privy to some bad defense this year, I am shocked at how bad Chelsea looks.  I do like seeing Mourinho whine and moan as he often does when things don't go his way.  It's funny.

His Dudeness

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Believe it or not I loved McClean when they had him. He was my favorite player. When they ousted him for some bullshit Sunderland brought in Josie Altidore (who is complete shit) and that gave me something to watch as an American. Theyre just awful and I wish I was a fan of a better team but I'm a Lions fan too and I never went over and cheered for Green Bay just because so whatever. I'm a Black Cats fan for better or worse. Mostly worse.


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I started really watching soccer about 9 years ago.  I liked City because they were gritty fighters who were underdogs.  Then the money started flowing from the new ownership and we got Tevez, who was one of the hardest working guys out there.  Then Silva, Toure, Aguero, and the rest is history.  If I had started watching in the 90's, I probably wouldn't be a City fan, but I love them now.  I never miss a game.


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Long-time Red Sox and Arsenal fan (from well before Fenway Sports Group bought Liverpool FC), so I’m accustomed to suffering while the clubs I root for don’t win major championships. But that Chelsea fan’s over-the-top rant makes me recall how Gunners fans were feeling two weeks ago after Chelsea embarrassed Arsenal 2-0 -- and how we've felt watching the Gunners play like they're the worst club in the UEFA Champions League this season. 
Oh how things would be so different today for Arsenal fans, had the Gunners not come out on fire against Manchester United yesterday for a 3-0 win a The Emirates.
It’s interesting how arch-rivals Arsene Wenger of Arsenal and Jose Mourinho of Chelsea continue to be managerial magnets for fan abuse.
Seeing the defending Premier League champions near the bottom of the EPL table, languishing in 16th place after eight games, is shocking, but it’s a very long season.  This two week break for international play should give Chelsea time to recover before they resume EPL play. They’ll also get back Diego Costa from his suspension, and Courtois could be back in the nets in December.
I don't know how I'd feel today, if I hadn't witnessed the 2004, 2007 and 2013 MLB World Series and the 2014 and 2015 FA Cup Championship games. . . . And now back to more music from suboptimal radio and the panic room in the crap part of Soho. 

The FannMan

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All I can say (sing) is:

"Martinez says he's not for sale and I am satisfied.

Chelsea wants the kinds of things that money just can't buy.

Me, I don't care too much for money, because money can't buy you Stones.  

Can't buy you Stones!  

Money can't buy you Stones!"


The FannMan

October 6th, 2015 at 2:09 PM ^

You've got it all wrong.  It's not a chant.  It's a song.  To the Beatles "Can't Buy You Love."  The fans sing it.  It's really cool that way.  Go on, try it.  You'll see!

(Yes, I am ignoring the point of your comment.  You got a couple of nice trophies last year.  Congrats  Still, we did beat  this year.  But, I guess that's nothing special to brag about is it?)