OT: Huge AHL Bench Brawl (Grand Rapids vs Rockford)

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on January 20th, 2013 at 1:50 AM

Tonight in Rockford the Griffins and IceHogs had a HUGE bench brawl.  The brawl occured 11:58 into the second period with Grand Rapids up 6-3. The brawl started right after a Landon Ferraro powerplay goal, which came on Rockford's 7th minor penalty to that point.

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In the Griffins defense, Rockford had the following players dressed, and should have realized this when they all were on the ice at one time! 

Philippe Paradis - 26 games 88 PIMS
Kyle Beach- 32 Games 142 PIMS
Wade Brookbank- 17 Games 72 PIMS  (averaging 150+ past 4 seasons)
Rob Flick-  35 Games 60 PIMS (Had 91 Pims last season and 167 PIMS in '11)


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God I know the Wings have some talent on the Griffins, but come on. There was maybe one guy on the team that was able to hang with those guys. This is part of the problem on the Wings currently and it looks like it's not going to change for a while unfortunately.


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Fighting doesn't do anything anymore it doesn't send a message coming from someone who played in college and Jr's. It's rather pointless unless like a fighter goes and fights someone like Datsyuk. Which won't happen. Now being physical and hitting hard and being able to grind with teams is another thing but you don't have to fight in order to do that. When your good for so long and keep trading draft picks to teams for worthless players like Quincy is how you have a bad farm system because you can't draft enough quality players.

BOX House

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I agree to a certain extent, but it's not irrelevant. The Wings needed someone to go after Shea Weber last year after he smashed Zetterberg's head against the glass. Not going after Weber after something like that suggests a sort of apathy for the series, whereas back in the day a guy like McCarty going after Weber could have been a big momentum pusher for the Wings.

It's particularly relevant to the Penguins. They always need a fighter to protect Crosby because guys go after him so often.


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Going after weber wouldn't have done anything in that series. Bert did and Weber is a big dude he can hold his own. No one goes after Sid more so than anyone else and the people who do don't pay a price. Fighting is cool I love it its fun as a player but I mean yeah you get punched a few times so what it's not gonna make you stop. Or the guy doesnt fight back and then doesnt get a pent and the fighting team is shorthanded. Now a good hard open ice check will alter how you play. But fighting doesn't alter how you play. Playing hard I'm front of the net grinding down people in the corners being hard on teams d on the forecheck and finishing your checks will but fighting doesn't mean what it used to. The rules and the way the game is played is completely different than "back in the day"


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I get what your saying and fighting isn't everything in the league. Watching last nights game showed that we have no one that can do anything in the corners and that was more my point. I also think that the moment that Weber smashed hanks head in the glass last year was the end of the series. The fact that no one even stepped up until the next game sent the message that it's fine to go after our top guys and push us around. If someone would have at least challenged him right after that and even lost I would have been completely fine with that. We need some young guys that can fly around and bang bodies that's what gets you wins in the playoffs. I also agree with you about the draft and the fact we have shot ourselves in the foot with our success, but eventually something has to be done


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The wings need to stop calling up the young kids that are grinders and start calling up the talent let them play a long side datsyuk and hank before they are too old. Having them in the AHL does nothing after a certain point Gustav Nyquist is at the top of the league in scoring down there he gets it he's mastered the AHL. How do you get better unless you play against the best. You've got to stop signing drew miller who's pointless and guys like that who can't score and can't do much of anything. There is no potiential with guys like him. Nyquist, Tatar, Jurco are talented and the faster they can learn the NHL the better. Detroit doesn't have the team to challenge for the cup this year anyways might as well see what we got in the tank. Cleary, Franzen, Bert I mean these guys are old and not able to keep up. Speed and size win in today's NHL. They used to be good but we gotta stop holding on to the past and move on.

Clarence Beeks

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Yep, they all did, but they were also all far more accomplished defensively than Nyquist when they did. What you are saying is that you want to put an almost purely offensive forward in a bottom six role, just to get him playing at the NHL level. Even though his skill set is not suited to that role. Makes complete sense.


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How do you get his skill level there. Make him play it. He won't learn it playing the spot he is now. What's there to loose? Nothing. So yeah it makes perfect sense. Drew miller and Abby aren't exactly defensive stand outs either. Nor is bert or Franzen or hell even Quincy. Let the kids play enough with this crap clearly the awesome defense we have looked amazing last night.

Clarence Beeks

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Look, I agree with you about the "what is there to lose" aspect with this season, but, obviously, the Wings' management isn't at that point with this season, which is why he is still in Grand Rapids (and should be in Grand Rapids). When (and unfortunately it probably is when, and not if) the season gets to that point, it'll probably happen. The reality, at this point in the season, it makes sense for Nyquist to stay in Grand Rapids and continue to develop both aspects of his game. Right now there is just nothing in his game that says that he CAN play that bottom six role effectively at the NHL level. Until he reaches that point, he's better off in Grand Rapids. Comparing his utilization defensively to Datsyuk isn't realistic, in my opinion. Datsyuk's ability to play both ways is absolutely an exception to the rule.


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Personally I would have traded about half this team a long time ago. But oh well. It's frustrating after being so good for so long and this year might be the year they miss the playoffs. I see your point I just wouldn't do it that way. It's hard to get better when the people you play aren't as talented. I disagree with the saying he or the rest of them aren't ready. He had 18 games last year and played very well both ends of the ice. The sample size of data is too small though to judge accurately. We all thought Howard was doom n gloom after every game he played in the NHL. Then he comes into camp as the starter and does a damn solid job. You have no idea how a guys gonna do unless you try it out. This is so true in all sports. Perfect example Trey Burke.

Clarence Beeks

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I wish he would have made it out of camp, for the same reasons you mention. I just think that if he's not in a top six role, he's better off in the AHL right now because of his size and defensive acumen, at the current time. That said, I think he SHOULD be in top six role. I absolutely agree with you about the makeup of the team, though. Too much loyalty to too many players for too long.


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The AHL probably does nothing... they got some free publicity!

But seriously, do you suspend entire teams?  Or try and figure out the peacemakers from the fighters?

And I agree with the earlier comment -- so much for the theory that pink makes you more pacifist.  (Juventus and Palermo agree.)

Number 7

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Did I hear it right that the arena PA had something sounding like air raid sirens blaring throughout the fight? (But, no, no one was condoning any fighting there...)

Excellent goalie fight though.  Hadn't seen one since the Johnson-DiPietro tangle, which lasted about a second-and-a-half.