OT: How you can help in Haiti

Submitted by Huntington Wolverine on January 14th, 2010 at 11:35 AM

I lived in Haiti for 6 months and am pulling together some local resources to help out through the organization I worked with.

If you're interested in helping, www.mohhaiti.org is the group and for every $8500 they can purchase, fill, and ship a large container with medical supplies. They also have a blog up and running regarding their relief work on the ground - http://disasterrelief.mohhaiti.org/.

Not sure if anyone's interested but they'll take whatever they can get, including Hossa jerseys. More than red wings jerseys though, their US director told me that food, water, and medical supplies and the cash to buy all three and ship them are the biggest needs.



January 14th, 2010 at 11:53 AM ^

My wife is from Haiti and if anyone is interested in donating there is a link: http://churchofallnations.chipin.com
Also if you live in the Kentwood/West Michigan area the church mentioned in the link (Church of all Nations) will be a drop off site for clothing or supplies.
The link sends donations to the United Methodist Committee of Relief.
Thanks to the OP for starting the thread.


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The address is 4275 Shaffer Ave, Kentwood, MI, 49512. It's at the corner of 44th and Shaffer.
Some items of need are: lightweight clothing, first aid kits, blankets, tarps, hand sanitizer, tools, flash lights, etc.
If you have questions or want to volunteer: (616) 554-4969
I believe there is a voice mail message where you can leave info if you want to help with the organization (if no one picks up).


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Partners in Health is an absolutely amazing organization and a great place to donate because they've had a huge presence in Haiti for more than 20 years so they're uniquely positioned to get immediate aid out (not that the others aren't really good at that, too).

And to improve yourself, I strongly recommend reading "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder which is the story of how Paul Farmer started Partners in Health in Haiti. It's an absolutely amazing story of dedication, it challenges old assumptions about the kind of care that can be provided in a poor country, and will make your heart go out even more to the Haitians.


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I'm planning on donating to PIH. I think Doctors without Borders and Red Cross are also good, however if you are considering donating I would avoid Oxfam and Unicef as they have high admin and fundraising costs.

Charity navigator is a helpful website that rates the larger charities and tells you the percentages of their expenses (actual program costs vs. admin).