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In reading the article it seems like there are a lot of other people besides the cartels making money - and lots of it - off the backs of those people who need it the most, the patients.  Or the patients' insurance companies rather.


April 8th, 2018 at 12:59 PM ^

...except that the article demonstrates that this is clearly not the case (and you would be foolish to think that it was the case quite honestly), and indeed, one of the greatest tragedies of the "war on drugs", again as the article demonstrates, is that people suffer at the hands of those ostensibly there to help them. 


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Yes... it seems to me that "people are dying from these drugs so we should legalize them" is a really fucking bizarre conclusion.  The problem in this instance is not that the drugs are illegal.  It's that they are legal and they're obtainable through legal channels that are being abused by unscrupulous bad actors who use this kind of situation to take money from insurance companies.


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Not really that bizarre. Public funds that are currently used toward enforcement of the criminalization of drugs could be put toward treatment, oversight of treatment, cops trained in saving people from ODs and prevention programs. Would probably be much more effective in saving lives and decreasing drug use.


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If you mean we should stop absurdly long sentences, misplaced priorities, etc then I agree. But you hopefully realize that cracking down on big pharma, drug education, etc are also part of the war on drugs. Not as simple as the “end the drug war” crowd likes to portray.


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doesn't really happen, Congress just calls pharma in to the principals office once in a while, but not much changes. And that's a bipartisan effort. Shkreli didn't dance for them and it was a good PR move, so he got in trouble, but that's about it. Prices haven't changed, really.


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big pharma is a main contributor to opioid epidemics...but there is another fish in the water. This moronic movement to legalize dope is causing such a low point in perception of drug risk, kids are out of control. Add to that 'vape' toxic stupidity and more kids are getting into drugs than ever before. And yep I was around for the 70s it worse now.

I teach 8th grade health education. I spend weeks on drug/substance prevention, including pharma drugs. I have a county counselor come and talk to the kids, and even months after speaking with them,  a number of kids still end up in his counseling program. They even say they should have paid more attention when he visited. I flat out tell the kids, you want me to stop talking about drugs stop being morons and stop using drugs, I'll quit talking. Takes each of them to refuse and the dealers will go away. Takes each of them to stand up to doctors and do their own homework on what they need to treat and manage pain and other issues, and NO dope is not a pain alternative, it's a freaking excuse to get high. don't even argue with me over it. You are fooling yourself.

Which leads to the other issue, drug addiction is a societal issue. Everything in our life is now about how fast and how easy can I make it...drugs escape problems, while in the end creating a new problem, and the original issue never went away. Until people start taking it seriously, and law enforcement actually cracks down...drugs will be our downfall. Solution, catch a drug dealer, cut off their hands...brutal? yep...eventually people see the risk...yep. Is that the best solution, probably not...but lockup isn't working. It's just creating better networks. Locking up drug addicts isn't working either. Seatle has a new program where they offer council and treatment rather than months of detox only to cause repeat offense or more likely overdose.


April 9th, 2018 at 11:25 AM ^

you stand behind dope use, and one would assume regularly use, and associate with other users...and have lost friends to opioid overdose. where do I get the logic?  here's my shocked face. Irony those so deeply invested in dope smoking will defend it to the death...sounds like a familar culture at MSU...blind ignorance.


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this reads just like someone scared of 'reefer madness'...weed has proven medicinal benefits. the death toll of weed is non existent. meanwhile opiates and alcohol kill thousands upon thousands. and who gives a shit if someone wants to get high? bet you have no issue with someone getting drunk, right? glad you only teach 8th grade health, so most of your rhetoric is irrelevant and will be forgotten by your students.
maybe read up a little bit, a lot of the propaganda about mj has been proven false in the last decade. obviously, smoking anything is bad for you, but you don't have to smoke it anymore. there are edibles.

I live in VA, where the Senate just voted 40-0 for medicinal mj, and you know who pushed for it? doctors! there is a huge opiate crisis they understand being able to offer mj instead is better for the patient instead of pushing oxys down their throats.


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I was a second semester senior when he was going through simply horrendous chemotherapy treatments at Children's Hospital in DTW. I spent a lot of time with him after the first two treatments rubbing his back while he puked his guts out. 

I read that MJ really helped with the nausea and smoked a fair amount at the time. My dad took him to my aunt's place about thirty minutes away from our house after the third treatment as my grandfather had died. After going to the funeral home I grabbed him and stuck him in the back seat of my '72 Cutlass, started driving, and lit a joint. Within five minutes he was off his back and telling me to jam some Van Halen -- loud. He was fine by the time we got back home.

Went to see his oncologist with my mom a week later and told her what happened. She said she had heard of such effects but could not legally recommend it. My mom dragged me out of class the day of his next treatment and whispered "buy two" over the phone in the grade dean's  office.

He never got sick after a treatment from that point forward.

It was night and day -- if you know someone going through chemo and you're not giving them pot you're doing them a real disservice.


April 8th, 2018 at 5:16 PM ^

for your brother. good thing now, in a lot states, is he could have legally obtained it and not had to have worried about spending years in prison just to get some relief. the dude above me wants to cut off hands and shit for drug dealers. unbelievably archaic and asinine. the one thing I do agree with him on is rehabilitation and not incarceration, although there is no dependency when discussing mj.


April 8th, 2018 at 8:56 PM ^

OK...so if a doctor prescribes it...then it's OK? Did you read that or just type it??? And PLEASE please do enlighten me with these 'medical benefits'... I've yet to hear even one. Medical BENEFIT or cure. Pain killer? Oh wait that's what the opiates do too...and those are prescribed by doctors. Look, it's a cop out, it's a constant conundrum. And the push for legalized dope is a joke. I'm not asking to ban it, I'm sticking with the idea that it's still considered a schedule one controlled substance. Ask Amsterdam how wonderful legal dope turned out. And yeah I certainly have empathy for anyone dealing with cancer. It's a bitch. My mom died from chemo treatment...maybe chemo wasn't the best option in hindsight...

Can't and won't convince me otherwise, I don't fall into the mania that dope is somehow OK, Poison ivy is just a plant too...for the love of GOD don't smoke that shit...

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I'm reading Ken Daniels' "If These Walls Could Talk" book right now. He's a class act, worked his way up from the bottom of the radio industry in Toronto. 

Next up on my reading list is Keith Gave's "Russian Five". 


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Not Konstantinov's accident.... Kozlov's.  He was the driver in a really bad wreck back in Russia when he was still a teenager - his car was hit by a bus, which killed his passenger and severely injured him - and the Wings were able to use the situation to help leverage his move to the NHL.


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I don’t think anyone should be surprised by this. The money is in the treatment of societal ills, not the success of treatment nor the prevention of the issue.

Obviously, some people will do things regardless of how good treatments are or what supports they’re given, but there are plenty of people that fall through the cracks because of profit driven responses

micheal honcho

April 8th, 2018 at 10:49 AM ^

That big pharma is not absolutely complicit in the opioid crisis is naive. They make more $$$ by producing and selling more opioids. Their stock holders want returns.

Anyone who does not see this or agree needs to show me one concrete example of a company doing something that they know will result in lower stock value via decreased sales of its product.


April 8th, 2018 at 7:14 PM ^

you'll never - or at least probably will never - see a direct link between a corporate officer and the crisis like an email saying "Yeah we're ok with people dying to keep sales up" but it's implied. Corporations report to shareholders and are perpetually pushed to get better returns year to year. So when these guys get a product that works and sells, they're going to push, push, push that product to maximize their profits. They'll issue statements about how the opiod crisis is very sad and they want people to use their products responsibily and maybe call this 800 number for help, but they'll also be pushing hard to get as much of it out there as they can and then say it's just people's fault for abusing it


April 8th, 2018 at 11:56 AM ^

But let’s not look too far past our own mirrors to find that our desire to rid ourselves of whatever we think might ail us is the itch that all “Pharma” companies - including the ones run out of back alleys and sold on street corners - help us scratch.


April 8th, 2018 at 12:14 PM ^

yep, big pharma makes the monster...but the weak and foolish open the closet door. Pain sucks. Have been an athlete my entire life, torn meniscus, torn Achilles tendon. ZERO pain meds...just iced, rehabbed and dealt with it. Because I have always had a fear of addiction, had grandparents and a parent with addiction, and neighbors who were addicts...saw enough to realize it isn't worth it.

Keep the pills out of your mouth, no addiction. And yes it's that EASY...just as easy as taking them.