OT: How understanding is your significant other about watching UM games?

Submitted by MGoStrength on October 31st, 2018 at 7:51 PM

I'm 39 years old & engaged to a wonderful 29 year old lady.  We have been together 4 years.  She says she appreciates my love for UM football and has become a fan as well since dating me.  I've taken her to 3 games in person.  However, every season my desire to watch games has caused a number of fights when it conflicts with something she wants to do.  She doesn't want her entire fall revolving around a 3hr game every Saturday.  So, for those of you that are married or in a long term relationship I'm curious how understanding your significant other is of your desire to watch UM games.


1. How old are you and what is your gender?

2. On average how many UM football games do you watch each year?

3. Does your significant other give you grief about it or are they cool with it?



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I watch all Michigan games.

I watch football all day most Saturdays. I don’t watch the NFL.

i get to do it, but I get grief. ‘We have to plan our entire social life around your football games.”



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Exactly my scenario, right down to the frugality and savings obsession! 

It takes self discipline, but a DVR is a huge help if you can avoid checking your phone for updates while tending to life’s responsibilities. Fast forward through all commercials and lulls in action, can watch every play in under two hours easily. 


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[Just to clarify: the knock on Yost (from Notre Dame fan relatives - we happen to be Catholic as well) and it was an element of his rivalry with Rockne, was that he was anti-Catholic. Maybe Yost was early on, but he seemed to get over that evolve on that subject (like the rest of America in the 20th century) and replied forcefully (in the 20s?) that he was not, and even had several captains on his team who were Catholic.]

Long live Yost's memory and his namesake!


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Old. Male

All. More than once. Slow motion every play on Sundays. BTN game in 60 minutes on constant replay during the week (Wins only).

I would have never married her if grief was remotely conceivable. She's a former athlete, and carries on more than I do, particularly NCAA basketball.


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1. 29 Male

2. Probably 6 or 7 end-to-end (i.e., the ones with a legitimate chance of losing); the others I'll watch if we're free

3. We generally don't have much of an agenda on Sat. afternoons, so very little grief


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My wife is a born again Michigan fan. She converted from her satanic practicesr installed in her from prior generations of buckeye fans. We watch every second of every game. It’s our weekly date. 


November 1st, 2018 at 12:37 AM ^

Our Coach who art in Big House; Hallowed be thy name; Thy Wolverines come; Thy schemes be done; On the field as it is in practice; Give us this game our weekly fix; And forgive us our penalties; As we shall forgive none of our foe; And lead us not into losses; But deliver us victories and cheer; For thine is the kingdom of Bo; And the power and the glory for ever and ever.

Baba Booey

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I'm 45 and I watch every game. My wife doesn't like sports but she understands my fandom and is very cool about me watching Michigan games and doesn't plan anything for us to do together on fall Saturdays. 

carolina blue

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We’re both 35 and we both watch all of them (unless she’s working) together with our 1st grader. The wife is just as much into it as I am and all plans are made with kickoff time in mind. In fact, if there really good games on later (say, Bama/LSU) those are planned around as well.

Navy Wolverine

October 31st, 2018 at 8:04 PM ^

1. Middle-aged man (50)

2. All of them - unless there is a conflict such as a kid's sporting event then I watch it back on DVR.

3. No. She understands that Michigan football is part of my Saturday routine. We actually plan it out in advance so she knows what time the game is. If there is something more important than I am not an idiot an sacrifice my life but otherwise she knows that for 3.5 hours (4 hours if the game is on Fox) on Saturday is her time do whatever she wants and I watch the game. It actually works out pretty well and she is usually really cool about it.


B1G Winning

October 31st, 2018 at 8:05 PM ^

She’s usually on the couch waiting for the kick with a drink in hand before I am.

She gets excited every year when it’s time to decide which away game we are going to travel to.

Best part? She comes from a family of avid Spartans.  It took a while, but she’s all Maize and Blue now.


1.) Male in 30s

2.) Every game

3.) No grief


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Dude, you need to learn to prioritize. Not every game you should or want to watch live. Set the recorder. Watch at night. Not every game is watch live worthy. You need to understand her needs and compromise. 


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Agreed.  I expect to watch the big ones like ND, Wiscy, MSU, PSU, & OSU.  The rest I consider gravy.  I don't mind DVRing the game now that I have that ability, but didn't until this year.  Unfortunately every year in Oct one of the Wiscy, MSU, or PSU games is an issue as all the cool fall activities that she loves are in Oct.


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I’m 50 my wife is 34. Every game she goes all out, wears her Michigan shirt, makes a great game day feast and takes a real interest in the game to the point where she screams at the TV, the refs and the coaches for bad play calls. She also has a healthy hate for all things Bucknut and Sparty related.