OT: How to Taunt a Fanbase (Kiffin to Bama)

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As we have discussed so much, Kiffin is now at Alabama. Naturally there is the shock which is starting to wear off but the Vols now have fired a shot back at the nuttiest fan base in the world.

It is that great mix of being funny and timely.


I sometimes mess up the embed so just in case here is the link.





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From what I've read on r/cfb, for the most part they're pretty excited.  They're saying that there are some coaches that make great coordinators but terrible head coaches (which is true).  They're putting Kiffin into that category based on his time as USC's OC (and conveniently ignoring the fact that he was Co-OC while he was there).


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Basically if Saban says it is okay then to the fanbase it is okay.


Best tweet to me was

Bourbon Ghost @BourbonGhost

"I hate your coach.. unless he becomes my coach.. then I absolutely love the guy." - College Football fans.


Other good ones include this

Blake Ells @blakeells

Nick Saban just locked down the facility and installed the wishbone.

Which is in reference to Bear Bryant doing that before flying out to LA to play USC in 1971. Alabama won that game 17-10 a year after USC beat Bama 42-21 with an integrated team. I think it was the first integrated team to play in the state of Alabama.


thejuiceisgood @thejuiceisgood 

So thankful that Lane Kiffin is getting a fourth chance to resurrect his career. Good genuine people deserve such things.



Basically just another crazy day in a crazy town.


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Mother of God, that was awesome!

When Tennessee can make a video about how red-neck another team's fan base is, and do it with total credibility, well you've just got something there.

"Have you ever been to Tuscaloosa, Alabama?  Layla's gonna be pissed."


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If there ever was a game that cried out, begged, pleaded, and screamed to be a night game, it's the Tennessee - Alabama game on Oct. 25th.

And I bet Tennessee won't cower behind the "Oh, the rilvary is just too intense for a night game" like we do with MSU.  They'll say "Bring it on.  If people go fucking nuts, they go fucking nuts.  That's the point."




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UM v MSU is certainly not our version of the iron bowl. I think Bama v Tennessee is a good analogy to UM v MSU (putting aside recent success or lack thereof of any of the teams). Bama v LSU would be more like UM v ND.