OT: How Taggart Plans to Run the Offense at FSU

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We've noted that the Harbaugh coaching tree is growing, and that Willie Taggart goes back to Jack's WKU days, then worked for Jimmy at Stanford. Not terribly detailed, but there's some nice analysis here, including gifs, of how Taggart's conceptions of how to run an offense have evolved, working to his best players' strengths, through time.

Long story short (to my limited understanding), Taggart plans to move the ball quickly, simplify the offense, move away from Fisher's highly complex style, toward a spread offense with some play-action concepts. Still traces of what he assimilated at WKU and Stanford in his method, but Taggart sounds like he's highly adaptable, very much his own man. The reception in Tallahassee has been very enthusiastic, and it's well-known he can recruit. Don't be surprised if FSU returns to prominence quickly. 



Perkis-Size Me

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If Richt's tenure at Georgia is any indication, Miami will be the team that recruits very well, at a level that's right up there with Clemson and FSU, but drops at least 1-2 games a year that it has no business dropping, along with losing to it's main rival most years. 

I like Richt. He's definitely a good man from everything I heard about him during his time at Georgia. But he's a lot like Lloyd Carr. In fact, one could argue that he's just a younger version of Carr. 


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under Richt. He's basically their Jim Harbaugh. He knows how to win, recruit and understands Miami culture.

If Taggart can gain foothold quickly, Miami/FSU should be amazing.

Now, UF is being left behind. Dan Mullen has won with less at Mississippi State and was able to find NFL players like Dak Prescott, KJ Wright, Darius Slay, Chris Jones, Johnathan Banks, etc. He's a smart coach who knows his X's and O's


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You didn't close the parentheses in the second paragraph, therefore I was unable to read the rest of that segment... That oversight completely threw me off and made it impossible for me to pay attention to anything you wrote.  


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So according to twitter Taggart did quite a bit of lying during the past 2 weeks to the media, public, UO fans, and UO recruits. Not evasion of questions, but downright lies about whether he was in communication with FSU and when. Do you think he pays any consequence for this?

Given that Florida went red in the 2016 election that is a clear sign that people there don't care about honesty/integrity so I'm guessing FSU fans/school won't care. 








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I always assume that people who can segue anything into politics are also YouTube commenters (or mlive) as well. It's an amazing skill

I shit you not, I was watching a video about how to get rid of a yellow jacket hive, and someone said "they're like liberals"...and the comments section lit on fire.


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I'm an M alumni in Portland and was following Willie due to the Harbaugh connection. Was rooting for him. But my view of him completely changed with how he handled this. Openly lied about things. He lied about not hearing from FSU at his presser last Friday when FSU made contact the day before. Recruits are pissed due to the lying. He definitely showed himself to be Slick Willie. Initially when the rumors came out everyone here understood that it's a chance to go home and a great job. No one faults the decision. But he refuted all of that up until the end in a manner that was quite misleading.

I recall JH handled his last 2 transitions quite a bit better.


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Taggart really screwed Oregon. Their recruiting is already not that good. They’re not gonna find their next Chip Kelly for a while. I never liked them anyways. I can’t watch any teams that run spread offense. Unless it’s us with Denard.


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of his regrets and inner turmoil in the below article and video comments, including regrets about how it went down (including loving the kids, only having been there a year, leaving a bunch of great people, etc., a little different from what Fisher did when he got to A&M). I'd argue that for someone going to the better job and more comfortable environment after just a year--and in a 2-3 day whirlwind--he may have come close to doing okay. (There's almost inevitably a period for these guys where they are in fact interested but have no idea if the deal can come off, where they have to continue to pledge allegiance, including just not to sow doubt and confusion among the troops.) But I don't doubt people's capacity to bullshit others and themselves: 



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First, I get Oregon’s disappointment about losing their coach after a year. That sucks, but there’s been quite a bit of revisionist history with Taggart’s move. Jimbo left FSU on Thursday or Friday. Until Sunday, respectable Oregon columnists were reporting that lines of communication between Taggart and the administration were open and that Taggart was very honest about the difficulty of the decision. The rhetoric changed on Monday when people felt like Taggart was dragging the decision. On Tuesday, he had accepted th FSU job.

In the big scheme of things, 2-3 days is really not that much time to think someone was dragging on a decision. I mean, Jimbo was more or less playing FSU since October and had stopped recruiting around Halloween.


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I bet his offense will look a lot like Michigan's in a couple of years as they come towards each other, get some RPO's invovled but still utlilizing heavy sets and power inside runs, and springing TE's down the seams.


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I think Jimbo simply got tired of FSU and fan's overinflated expectations... didn't he say something about the fans jeering the team in a PC this year when they were struggling? Not to mention A&M offered him a boatload of money that FSU wasn't going to match

the idea that FSU is in decline is a bit weird to me.

2012: 12-2

2013: 14-0 NC

2014: 13-1

2015: 10-3

2016: 10-3

2017: 6-6

Reminds me of how some OSU fans think Meyer took over a 'struggling' OSU program just because they were 7-6 the year after tattoogate.


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There is nothing structurally wrong with FSU.  They will continue to have good recruiting classes, and they will continue to be competitive on a national scale.  When Francois got hurt, Jimbo lost the team.  I don't have any inside info on why, but will bet that his divorce (which I hear was nasty) played into it, and probably separated the fanbase (some for him, some for her).  As the team unravled, it was clear he didn't care enough to really work hard to fix it.  He complained about the fans, they complained about him.  He's been asking for years to upgrade the facilties, but the AD has not.

There a lot of reasons for FSU's collapse this season, but to say they're a 'declining' program because the won-loss record is a certain number, is disingenious.


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He had wondering eyes and the program did dip. All relative though. 2 calendar years without a loss and 3 total losses in 3 Calendar years is as Elite as it gets. Very difficult to maintain that. FSU was still winning an Orange Bowl a year ago against the best Michigan team in 10 years. This past year was a collection of many factors. Most not having to do with in between the white lines.

Mr Miggle

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It's fans making guesses about what could happen, not based on any actual info.

If Taggert wants to offer him the OC job, I could easily see Frey moving there. Not too many OL coaches get OC jobs nowadays. If Taggert is willing to go that route then Mario Christobal would seem to be an even better target. He's someone he would probably want to keep as OL coach, if not also the OC.


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1 bad year in 6 years?

Michigan fan were pretty happy with two 10 win seasons prior to this one... i guess you can say its a decline if you compare it to FSU's NC year...

but it's nowhere near the rebuilding jobs that guys like Richt, Petersen and Harbaugh have had to deal with...