OT: How did you spend your summer vacation?

Submitted by canzior on August 21st, 2018 at 8:39 AM

Back to school time...football is less than two weeks away.   What did you do fun over summer break? 


Wife and I had a baby in May...so that's pretty much been our summer. Been visited by a lot of family, and I am looking forward to watching my first father-son Michigan game next weekend. 



My kid sister is a State student...he's already learning who to like...and who to distrust.20180720_105753.jpg



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I feel ya robbyt. All these people posting pics every other fricking day at the beach or camping or climbing some fricking mountain in Mongolia; where the F is your job and when do you visit it? I know you and I know you have school loans for that degree you're wasting as a part time barista because you just love people and your "major was just never your true passion"- where the hell does your money come from?

Blue in PA

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spent 2 months remodeling a house, spent a week moving my significant other and her son into said house....spent two more months getting my house ready to go on the market.... moved into an apartment, so I can avoid 3 1/4 hours a day commuting to and from my office......

summer?  what summer?


Bring on football, then hunting season..... Maybe a trip to somewhere tropical when there's snow on the ground.


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the baby is clearly disgusted with the "S" hat - clearly a bright infant right off the bat!  Congratulations on your new little one!

Arb lover

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I spent the formative portion of my summer vacation in realizing that there are hundreds of thousands of ohio residents (license plates) with property up north in Michigan on my drive up north and back south on US 23 while the rest of my family slept, read, or watched movies. My first thought was whether or not they are trying to claim the PRE in Michigan as well as their primary residence in Ohio, because, you know, Columbus.

My second thought was whether or not there are any Michigan residents that travel down to Ohio for vacation. I couldn't think of any reason to do so. 

I've since confirmed with the State of Michigan that there are approximately a thousand Ohioan's that attempt to falsely claim the PRE every year, though I have no friends working for the State of Ohio to enquire on my second thought. 

CRISPed in the DIAG

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If you grew up in Michigan, you went to Cedar Point. Unfortunately, the best rollercoasters in the country are located at the end of a peninsula located near Sandusky, OH. If you look at a map, the park appears to be trying to escape Ohio. Just like Lebron, Chrissy Hynde, Joe Walsh and a few astronauts.


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We purchased a cottage and had our first summer on the water.  We added a fishing kayak, Sea Doo, and a pontoon.  Lots of memories were made.  Michigan during the summer is the best place on Earth.  If you are wondering the fishing kayak is my favorite toy.  There is something about just floating and fishing with a nice libation.  That is about as good as it gets whether you are catching fish or not.


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Going to Hollywood Beach from the 24-29th then getting a staycation until 9/3. Get a few days with my bum in the sand then 2 days to cram MGoBlog's season preview. Then college football will be here! 


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That photo is great. 

I worked 10-11 hour days since we were tasked with getting a prototype aircraft flying in 12 months from a clean sheet. Definitely going to need a vacation this fall. 


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The Red Wing Blue Grass Festival near Harrisonburg VA...at Natural Chimneys State Park.  A marvelous event that I/we highly recommend!!! The Steel Wheels rock!!!

Next week we travel to Minnesota to pick up our new camping trailer from the factory...then on to the Ely/Boundary Water area for a week of camping in the great outdoors!

Otherwise, being retired, I go into a nice local restaurant several times a week and bake breads and pies...it's a recreational blast for me...love baking. The rest of the time I play on our little farm-gardening and taking care of our cattle, sheep and chickens...and the ducks, dogs and cats.


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Three weeks in the South of France—small seaside village near Nice. Running, swimming, sailing, working on my French. Hope to retire there when the time comes.

Sten Carlson

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Spent three weeks in Colorado golfing and fly fishing the Elk River a few miles outside of Steamboat, the Eagle River in Avon and Minturn, and Gore Creek in Vail.  Heaven on Earth!  


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Still had to work, but took a trip up to Treetops for four days which is always alot of fun. A family I've known since elementary school are big golfers and they organize the trip each year, split our group of 20-28 (depending on the year) into a Ryder Cup style competition. Always alot of fun. 

My girlfriend works in a school district so for her last free week we are going to South Haven and camping for a few days. Should be fun. My work is really good with vacation and personal days so I basically get to take every Friday off in August-October. 

Next summer, we're looking to go to Ireland/UK for about 2 weeks so hopefully that works out. 


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Spent the summer in Montana (work remotely so still working M-F). Spent weekends and evenings doing my typical Montana things, a lot of hiking, a lot of mountain biking, fly-fishing, etc.


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Did a lot.  It all blurs together and I really can't tell which things I do because I genuinely want to and which things I do so I can say that I did them.   Cedar Point with my oldest son - Awesome.   Trip to Arizona with family - Awesome.  Golfing - Still fun but starting to become too much of an endeavor to really dedicate myself to it.  Local waterparks and beaches - Fun and cost effective.  Up north excursions - Meh.  County Fairs and Carnivals - Double Meh.  Biking - cool and all but I'm not Lance Armstrong and if I don't have a particular destination why am I on this thing?  Landscaping - Nobody will be able to see any of this two months from now and I just have to do it again next year?  Drinking on Tuesdays - Too old for this shit. 


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My son made all stars for baseball, which I thought was pretty cool. Then they won districts. Then they made finals at states. Then, because each team in the south sends two teams, they played in the Dixie Youth Baseball World Series in North Carolina. It was awesome, but it essentially nuked our whole summer, between practices and fund raising. We made a couple of one day trips to Disney World (one of the benefits of living 90 minutes from Orlando), but other than that, it was all baseball. It was a lot of work (especially for my 8 year old son!) , but definitely something none of us will ever forget.


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Spent time on Charlevoix, Torch, Mullett and Walloon. Mackinac City, sleeping bear and the UP.  Can't beach Northern Michigan in the summer.  New beer garden in Petoskey is also worth checking out if anyone is in the area.