OT: How can you be so bad at your one job?

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Where do I sign up to be an instant replay official?

I mean... how can you be so bad at your job?  How many times have we seen conclusive evidence not be recognized?  Is there a vision test?




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On the feed I saw, his middle finger flicked back by an entire inch, in high definition.  It was a foregone conclusion that it was Wisconsin ball.  Except I knew better.  I knew they'd screw it up, because somehow, they always screw it up.  I was not at all surprised by the call, simply because all sports use the same replay guy and he clearly has massive cataracts.

The Barwis Effect

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Anytime you allow the officials that made the original call to review their own call, they're going to be very hesitant to overturn it. It's human nature - nobody likes to admit their wrong. You need an outside set of eyes to review the call -- one without a vested interest in it not be overturned. The NHL and MLB do it right.

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How can the announcers just accept it when the refs came over and explained they couldn't see who it was off of, so left it Duke ball. Maybe be like, well we can see it's clearly off of Duke, should be Wisconsin ball, here look at our slow motion and zooming in angles instead of whatever pieces of shit TVs you're using.


April 7th, 2015 at 12:07 AM ^

Terrible. Fucking terrible.

Refs handed Louisville 2 points despite Trey's block being as clean as you'll ever see.

Two years later Duke is gifted 3 from another blatantly screwed call.

Having the refs change the dynamic of two of the last three NCAA freakin championship games during crunch time, essentially clinching it for Louisville and now Duke, is flat out despicable.

These officials need to be publicly shamed and then dumped off in the middle of Antarctica.

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Those refs missed several crucial calls down the stretch to totally screw Wisconsin. The Duke brand and Coach K's name swayed those refs, even if it was subconscious. I hate Duke!


April 7th, 2015 at 7:24 AM ^

Regarding the OOB replay at the end of the game, sometimes refs see on replay that they missed a foul. Perhaps that was the case here? Maybe they saw that they should've called a foul on wisconsin so they rewarded Duke with the ball? Or they're just blind as fuck.


April 7th, 2015 at 8:49 AM ^

I live in Wisconsin but I'm a die hard maize and blue fan yet still pulled hard as hell for my home state team. That being said another Wisconsin sports team fucked over by officials. First off,Winslow touched that ball,secondly he stepped out of bounds, thirdly Grayson Allen pushes off more than the Harrison twins combined and lastly Wisconsin commits the fewest fouls in the country in the regular season at 12 per game yet, all tournament long they're the biggest foulers out there. There needs to be consistency in officiating with this culture of you can drive to the hoop head down,ball cradled, arms out, ready to run someone over, yet it's a defensive foul? I couldn't tell if it was Grayson Allen or Marshawn lynch out there. Screw duke. These wins mean nothing compared to what uw fans would've felt. Congrats you'll the best class in the country and do it year after year, while Bo Ryan gets crap and has to fight tooth and nail for a sweet 16.


April 7th, 2015 at 11:05 AM ^

team's have to play through bad calls and biased refing.   It's a competition hazard of all sports particularly team sports.  Sometimes it's not a conspiracy but refs simply don't like a coach or certain players due their attitudes or reputation or simply make bad calls.  Who knows, it's a basketball game and the bgtn team lost.  Overall Wisconsin exceeded expectation and represented the bgtn well.  The bgtn deserves respect in football and basketball placing teams in both NC title games.  


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Serious question:  

Can anybody think of any game-changing bad call that has ever gone against Duke in a big game? Any at all?


I've been following CBB intently since the early '80s, and I can not think of a single time.  Not one.

When all the bloggers of a particular school do that "If you could only change one bad call in our program's history, what one would it be" thing, what to they do at Duke?  

Change a call from a practice scrimmage?