OT: The hotness that was Barry Sanders running the football

Submitted by Derek on November 30th, 2010 at 5:22 PM

I figured that I would post something excellent for people to watch rather than talking about you-know-what. After watching it, I can sympathize with the Lions for deciding that "hand it to Barry" would be their Super Bowl-winning strategy for ten seasons.

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Is Barry lobbying for RR's job?  Is DB considering Barry instead of Harbaugh now?  I can't think about anything else!  HOW DARE YOU TRY TO CONFUSE THE BLOGMASSES


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The reason for my original love for the Lions. Remember the day of the playoffs? Against the Eagles. I think we lost 55-26 or something like that. Sadly that is the last time I remember the playoffs for the Lions. I got Scott Mitchell's autograph the season after (?) I was a little kid and wanted to see Barry. He never came back. :(

Anyone see his kid's highlights for his high school in Oklahoma? Recruit him!


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I wish we could have lured Barry Sanders son (Barry Sanders Jr.) to come play for the maize and blue, but he committed to Oklahoma St. I think Barry went there or something.



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lives in West Bloomfield.  His son apparently has interest in Michigan for this reason.  I'm sure that pretty much every schools will go after him.  Barry Jr. at first glance is almost a spitting image of his dad in looks and his play on the field.  Would love to have that RB who can make people miss in such a ridiculous fashion on a regular basis.


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I like to think that you would be right, but Gary just didn't have enough of a chance to show what he could do, thanks to that genius Millen choosing a guy who takes the wind in overtime over Moeller.

I lost my sympathy for Lions fans over twenty years ago. By now, you know what you're buying.


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Schmidt's record:

1967: 5-7-2

1968: 4-8-2

1969: 9-4-1

1970: 10-4

1971: 7-6-1

1972: 8-5-1


1989: 7-9

1990: 6-10

1991: 12-4

1992: 5-11

1993: 10-6

1994: 9-7

1995: 10-6

1996: 5-11

Schmidt had a better percentage of winning seasons than Fontes did, but Fontes won a playoff game. Granted, it was harder to get into the playoffs when Schmidt was coaching, since expansion was still in its early days. I can agree that Schmidt's record was a bit more impressive. I'd forgotten it was as good as it was. My memory of Greg Landry getting sacked for a safety in the 5-0 loss to Dallas in Schmidt's only playoff game is still pretty vivid after all these years, believe it or not.

Russ Thomas was Satan.


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Now you're talking. The last Lions coach to win an NFL championship (1957) and the last coach before the malign and ignorant hands of William Clay Ford got ahold of the franchise. It's been a disaster ever since, with just a handful of acceptable seasons.

George was the very first coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Edward Khil

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Sanders was the second-best RB in NFL history.  (Sorry, Sweetness: it's First Down Jim Brown.)  Emmit's not even close.

I saw a few Dee Hart-esque moves in those clips.

I still think Barry retired mostly because he didn't want to break Walter's total yardage record.  Emmit had no problem doing that (not while lining up behind the best O-Line in football, anyway). 


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I thought it was a good movie, with really good acting by Ellen Burstyn, but my goodness, it was depressing. Not a movie that gives you much hope for humanity or makes you say, "Hey look, Requiem for a Dream is on TV. I think I'll stop channel-surfing for 20 minutes or so and see how these people ruin their lives."

It did have great music though - not just this song, the whole soundtrack.